The best weekend // part two

Last weekend was my favourite. 

I wrote about the BEST Saturday (here) with my petite famille. And Sunday last week was just as special.
After a delicious healthy breakfast and a hot cup of tea, we got dressed for the day and popped our shoes on for a little family walk. We wandered down the road and further down the hill to forage some blackberries. Olive was over the moon excited to go blackberry picking. Not only because they are her most favourite fruit but because she LOVES to get involved and help. She did her best blackberry picking, only selecting the 'big ohn' (big ones) and the 'ooh joosy ohns' (juicy ones). She kept pointing at the red ones and saying 'stawburries', then shaking her head and picking the black ones. She tried to eat them straight off the stalks on a couple of occasions, but I couldn't face it, not with all the spiders and crawlies hanging out nearby.
I enjoy Olive's enthusiasm so much, she loves helping and being an independent little lady. She is really growing into her own and I am such a proud Mama.
She got excited when we told her that we're going home to make a crumble for pudding using the blackberries she picked. That is exactly what Sundays are for. Baking! And with the Summer weather being so temperamental lately, fresh-out-of-the-oven blackberry and pear crumble with hot custard is THE only way to warm our insides and get us excited for Autumn (Yay!). 
Little family adventures, the small ones, are my absolute favourite kind. All these special memories that I am so very lucky to have and to record it all too, well my heart is full at such wonder.
I had always dreamt of family life, long before Sebastian and I were together. I'd dream of what special adventures we would go on and what our house would look like, and what flowers we would grow in our cottage garden, and how sweet the village school was and how the local fetes would be so perfect and traditional.
We may not have even half of those things (yet) but I am confident we are on the right path in getting them. And wow what a magical journey. I am blessed to have such a perfect little family, my team. I have grown and helped raise a wonderful little human who is just so kind and sweet ... and a little spirited at times. If we have to rent forever, scrape by each month to give her all the good food and nappies, walk or hop on a bus to pretty places because we have no car then so be it. I am one lucky lady!

Now I'm signing off to go get some more crumble and a hot cup of tea (I made ANOTHER one on Friday and I just cannot get enough!).
Happy Sunday to you all. Tell me your plans!?


The best weekend // part one

Last weekend was my most favourite in a long time.

On Saturday the three of us spent the afternoon by the sea at Sebastian's mama's house with his grandparents. Olive was in her element. She has an obsession with her Grammy's cats, and their feathery, mouse shaped toys so every time she spotted one she would squeal with excitement.
After a cup of tea and a long catch up with each other we took Olive out for a walk along the seafront. And by 'walk' what I really mean is run!

Olive is such an explorer and can't go past a pile of 'stones' without picking them all up and selecting two (one for each hand) to keep. The sun was warm upon our cheeks and the wind was perfectly cool giving it the perfect weather combination. We wandered across the pebbled beach and collected a handful of shells and more 'stones' for Olive's personal collection.
Sebastian and Olive stopped at the soft rippling of the sea and threw pebbles into it. It was one of those magical moments that I had always imagined and hoped for for my future family. My heart is full.
Olive found a patch of sand, which took her attention for quite some time. I love watching her discover new things and taking it all in. Writing in the sand is actually pretty spectacular isn't it!?

We spotted boats, pastel beach huts, helicopters and scruffy dogs along the way, not to mention the handsome horse galloping back and forth which O was enamoured with. The moment we realised we walked up an appetite we hurried back for dinner; sausages, mash and beans. Followed by ice cream. It was the perfect end to a wonderful day.
^^^ Olive's seaside treasure

This was the best Saturday in such a long time. Spending time with my tiny family is my most favourite thing to do. Especially when it involves exploring, happy faces, good food and making memories. All thanks to MrTTDER for capturing some of these for us.
The best weekend was completed with the best Sunday. But more of that to come.

What's your idea of a perfect Saturday?


My little bookworm

I love spending time with Olive out on adventures or playdates. Even going for a walk down the road. But my most favourite parts of the day are when we're at home together, first thing in the morning- a fresh new day or last thing at night- winding down. These parts of the day are spent sitting in the reading corner or snuggled on the sofa with a pile of books beside us and we read together.
Olive loves books more than she loves raisins (well, maybe equal parts!). She has her firm favourites which she almost always asks me to read first. 'Paper Dolls', which is a stunning book! 'Please, Mr Panda', Peter Rabbit (we have a few variations, all of which she adores.) and 'Hop Along Boo, Time for Bed', which is the book we always read before bed. She also loves the classics 'Peepo', 'Each Peach Pear Plum', 'The Hungry Caterpillar','Ten little Fingers and Ten little Toes', 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' along with the contents of her bookshelf.

I too enjoy reading all those books to her. I read part of the sentence and let her finish it - we read them THAT much. I believe this is one of the reasons why Olive's vocabulary and memory is phenomenal. Repetitiveness and reading.
My other favourite pasttime is watching her read by herself. Sometimes she just sits in her reading corner and takes out each book, carefully inspecting each page before getting the next one. It always looks like she's in a sea of books by the time I come back and check on her. Other times I hear her (and secretly watch her from afar) reading out loud. It's mostly gobbledegook with the odd word thrown in. It's so funny and wonderful to watch.

A few weeks ago I was going about my weekend morning getting some housework done and Olive just sat here for ages in her sea of books with her beautiful floral dress. The sun was peering through the cracks in the curtain, it was such a pleasant and warm morning. The perfect kind for nibbling on strawberries in your favourite party dress whilst reading books. What a way to start the day!
The beautiful dress* was kindly sent to us from the lovely ladies at Mama et Moi. The pretty rose print is such a delicate print on this delicate floaty dress. It is a traditional design with girly elements. I love the little frills on the shoulders too! Oh and the ruched bodice! I just love it all. 
Olive doesn't often wear dresses but when she does she twirls around and you can tell she feels girly in them. She is adorable.

With her books, her dreamy dresses and strawberry stained chin I honestly can watch her play all day. Though she would stop after a while to beg for "mor snaacks Mammy?!" "Yer peeease" and to play with her wooden blocks and plastic fairies or running over to the window to see which "Nee-Norrs" is driving past with it's siren.

Happy Monday everyone.