Today Olive and I went for a little walk to meet Sebastian on his lunch break, we had a house viewing booked. It wasn't a house though, it was a cottage and oh my it was a beauty. We are talking working fire place, butler sink and cream cupboards in the kitchen, wooden floors and a potential sewing nook under the stairs. I walked through the painted wooden front door and I went all heart eyes.
Olive coo-ed away whilst we wandered around and inspected the cosy cottage, picturing where our furniture would sit in each room. It was my version of perfection for sure.
Sebastian did like it too but suggested we stay put in our lovely huge town house for the time being. The cottage was more expensive per month and we would have to find new homes for lots of our furniture. As long as the agency get on to the landlord and demand a new bathroom and fixes the few things we have been waiting for all these years.
If we stay here, and we at least get our promised new bathroom, I will definitely make a trip to the hardware store and buy some paint. We have lived here for nearly five and a half years and though it mostly feels like home it really does need some love. I think a fresh lick of paint everywhere, a good clear out (which will probably take a couple of weekends!) and some new curtains are in order.
But first things first is Olive's room.
I was so ready for her to go into her room when she was four months old. The poor little lady has been quite unsettled for a few weeks now. So much so that Sebastian has been sleeping in the spare room/office on 'school' nights due to the occasional snoring... which happens to disturb the poor girl. That being send she has been sleeping like a dream ever since, hardly waking in the night now (which is a breath of fresh air from every 1-2 hours!!). I am hoping she will get a better night sleep (as well as me!) in her own space.
I am so excited at the thought that we will decorate her room as we have so many lovely pictures and prints to put up, as well as the vintage letters that spell her name which were bought for her for Christmas.
The more I think about staying and decorating the more I feel happier. I can see us staying here for a couple of years more at least, until Olive is old enough to really 'need' a garden to explore. Until then though, we are surrounded by parks and all sorts of fun days out so it isn't the be all and end all.
I am going to spend my evening scouring Pinterest for other ideas to spruce up rented properties.

Do you have any ideas how to spruce things up in a rented space, other than paint and a little move around/ switching things up?


Bringing a little Spring inside

Spring isn't always pink blossom, tulips and bluebells. Spring also brings those rainy days (like today!) where leaving the house without your yellow mac is a big mistake.
Whilst the sun was still warm and the air cool I wandered around with a friend (& Olive) with my pink Instax camera*, Capturing scenes of glorious twigs adorning pastel petals and a woodland with a sea of gorgeous bluebells. Along the way, gardens filled with tulips and daffodils greeted us with their bursts of colour. I really do believe that Spring is my most favourite season. Everything about it is perfect... even the rainy days.
Of course I prefer to stay cosied up inside on those rainy days so today is a perfect excuse to put the kettle on and look at my Springtime snaps. 
I teamed up with Ocean Finance for their Springtime campaign, who offer finance for homeowners. I am not fortunate to own a home just yet and I often dream about my future decor projects (One day!!) but every now and then I try to switch things up a little in our rented town house. I currently have my Springtime snaps dotted around the living room and bedroom to brighten these rainy days, as well as a vase or two constantly filled with tulips and other pretty blooms.
However I am thinking about making a collage on Olive's nursery wall with washi tape and postcards.
I really will miss Spring when Summer creeps in next month. Wearing jumpers on those slightly chillier days and wearing my bright yellow rain mac on those rainy grey days. Filling window sills with tulips and daffodils and the like. Spotting trees with blossom pompoms and purposely walking along the streets that are scattered with petals. Picnicking amongst the bluebells. Oh I am missing it already as stray blossom petals blow into the road.

How do you like to spruce up your home in Springtime? Is Spring your favourite season too?

This post was written in collaboration with Ocean Finance.


17/52 & 18/52

A weekly portrait, once a week for a year

Olive Mae, 18 weeks:: I couldn't choose one photograph for this week, so we have two! This week little Olive rolled over from her front to her back for the first time. She still hasn't quite mastered rolling from her back to her front just yet.
Olive is also experiencing major teething these days. All of her toys, a muslin cloth or my skin(!) go into her mouth as soon as she gets a chance! The poor lady is suffering quite badly so we are using homeopathic powders daily and a tiny dollop of infant gel for those extra sore moments. Poor thing.

Olive Mae, 19 weeks:: We have been using our ErgoBaby carrier alot lately. Sometimes it's so much easier to pop her in the seat if we are just nipping out for a short amount of time. Or for a walk in the woods. The first time she was in it, Olive was in awe of everything! Especially the trees and ofcourse people. She does love to people watch!