A portrait a week, for a year

Olive Mae, 6 months:: I cannot believe that this little pickle is six months. That's a whole half a year! She has been so much happier this week, full of cheeky grins showing us her TWO teeth! She is sitting up like a pro and now enjoying breakfast as well as dinner. Baby porridge is favoured over baby rice and she has also been enjoying a bit of Mama's toast.
This week she was submerged at swimming and was not a happy camper AT ALL. Let's hope she gets used to it pretty quickly as I know she will love swimming so much.

I love keeping up to date with these (as best I can) because it will be so lovely to look back on these and remember the different stages of Olive's development and how she has changed every week. 
I hope you don't lose interest too much! I have been thinking alot lately about this special space of mine and I know it's evolved a fair bit (because how can it not?) but I will make a conscience effort to talk about other things too.


Reality Check

After yesterday's news it has been all I can focus on. Whatever the outcome will be, it has potentially been decided. However, we can still hope, be positive, be passionate and focus on ourselves at the same time.
Near to midnight chats with my husband (seems to be an occurring pasttime lately!) brought me such a reality check... I have slipped. My positive outlook has fallen somewhat lately. I feel that 'having a good moan' has taken over (Twitter has evidence, before I go back and delete those bad vibes!). Since when did it become a regular thing that I focused on the negative. Over the past few years I have evolved into such a happier and more positive soul and lately it has dwindled somehow.
I easily get consumed by others. This needs to change. Reminding myself that positivity attracts positivity and same goes for the opposite. I have reminded myself of this after having a good ol whinge last night about the potential future of our country and people's decisions. People, friends in my life who love a good ol moan or drama are cramping my vibe and it's not good for my soul.
The best part of this last whinge to Sebastian yesterday was that I looked at him and made that realisation myself... I had become someone I worked so hard to no longer be (to an extent) and I refuse to be that person anymore.
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Perhaps it's worth checking your outlook from time to time to keep yourself in line. Do you want to be happy?- because only you can control that. YOU.

So only good vibes around here please! Happy Saturday!


A little space for a little lady

Last week we finally put a paintbrush to the wall of Olive's room. We have had a pot of 'Winter Twilight' paint sitting by the stairs since before November but with running out of time before Olive arrived and then back and forth with the idea of moving we just didn't bother.
However, now we have decided to stay and thinking about the little lady needing to be in her own room there was no time like the present to get it ready for her.
I love this colour because in certain light it looks like a warm chalky pink and then in other light it looks like a cool dusky grey. Definitely the colour I was going for when searching all the pale pinky grey's in the hardware store last year!
Once my bestest spent the day with Olive and I helping to paint (read: mostly painting the whole room herself whilst I calmed a screaming clingy baby!) and Sebastian finishing it off we moved the lady's furniture back in. It currently has her dresser/changing unit, a giant second-hand rocking chair along with all her toys and books. I need to buy her some new curtains as the pair that are hanging up, which were already here, no longer go well with the new paint colour.
I love the colour/pattern mix of blankets and books that are in here already. I plan to pick up a couple of picture shelves to hang above her dresser for prints and special books as well as a few extra special gifts that loved ones have given her.
We also have some vintage letters to hang, along with some frames so we will do that once the curtains are up which will be just before the lady moves in. We also have some beautiful Cable & Cotton fairylights to hang around her window frame too. (Still so much to do! I will do another post at a later date).
I have stored her books and toys in baskets out the way which I love. They are easily accessible for when she's toddling around, perfect for picking up and taking into the living room as well as looking tidy all in one place. I have always been one for displaying my favourite things but have now realised as I have gotten older that it feels more cluttered doing that (again, more on that in another post!).
I have a wicker hamper that my mother gave me (It had lots of gorgeous newborn gifts for Olive in) which I store her nappies, wipes, thermometer and other bits I need handy. A water hyacinth basket is filled with her toys and some books which I think at a later date would look lovely with a 'dipped in paint' effect. There is also this lovely, yet simple large white laundry basket* with black stitching that holds her constant-mountain of washing in perfectly. 
I love that the large laundry basket can double up as an extra storage basket for Olive's toys if needed. However I love and favour the idea of her not having too many toys to play with as I want her to really cherish her things and enjoy them instead of having too many and getting distracted by the next one. I also love that she can have opportunities to get 'bored' as they say. Chance to use her imagination. Anyway... clearly another post to talk about that in more detail.
Olive's room is very small, and actually when we moved in over 5 years ago they called it the 'cot room' which is pretty accurate. The room is big enough for her giant cotbed, dresser & her baskets with very little space left. The rocking chair will have to move into our room. Though to be fair, she is a baby and even if we are still here when she is toddling- the little space is big enough for her!
Her room is on the same level as the living room anyway so being able to pick up the basket of toys and bring them into a different room for her to play with is actually quite perfect.
When we have found the perfect pair of curtains (I have a huge packet of black out material to attach), have hung her vintage letters, prints and put her shelves up and finally moved her in, I will take some more snaps of her finished 'little space'. I know it will look so lovely.

Are there any places that you shop for pretty but inexpensive curtains or blinds? I can attach black out fabric to the curtains, but as we are in a townhouse her window is very tall (the only con of having high ceilings! Longer curtains!!) therefore anything I find is seemingly quite expensive. I guess I could always try making them... hmm. Not quite sure I'll have time for that!