The Sweet notes of September

Well I have been waiting for Summer to be over all... Summer! I know I know, alot of people will give me THAT look but this time of year is my happy place.
As soon as September stepped it's Autmnal foot in my life it has been chilly and grey and I absolutely love it.
Welcome crunchy leaves, welcome rainy puddles, welcome fruit pies, welcome chunky knit sweaters, welcome mugs of hot chocolate, welcome muted nail colour, welcome long & cosy evenings, welcome scarves, mittens & bobble hats, welcome Autumn.
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So as the nights draw in, the candles dotted around the house, cold toes get covered with chunky walking socks, warm cups of tea to warm the insides, the excitement of Christmas and very special new arrivals.

I sure do love Autumn.


Declutter and Detox

For a long time now, our three-floored, Three (ish)-bedroomed rented town house has accumulated alot of 'stuff'.
For us to live comfortably with our growing family we need to swap a couple of rooms around and declutter, have a major clear out. Our bedroom is at the highest point of the house and far away from all rooms including the 'cot room'. It is cold in the winter and stuffy and hot in the summer and is just not suitable for a little baby bean.
The plan is to move our bedroom down to the second floor which is the main floor and close to all other rooms. This way our spare room/workshop/studio can be all the way upstairs and out of the way. The top room is also a bigger room so Sebastian and I can both spread out. However we want to keep it clean, tidy and minimal so our work can just flow. "Tidy space, Tidy mind". A great excuse to purchase some nice storage.
It has been difficult to keep things minimal lately, what with both sets of parents having had to sell their houses and move on from our childhood homes as we have had to take ALL of our memories and old toys etc. Which is hard when your rented property doesn't have a whole lot of storage.
We have had to be quite harsh with all of our things and just make the decision to part with alot of it. We have gone through all of our clothes and vowed to get nicer, quality clothes to replace what we don't like or does not fit us. Some pieces I have saved for eBay (have a wee look, here) and others we have taken to charity shops and H&M- they exchange for a £5 off voucher.
The next stage is to visit the tip. We have so many cheap 'put-together' furniture from when we first moved in and it's all just piled on top of one another in the soon to be nursery. We also have empty boxes (why do we keep these? We've had appliances for years, we don't need the boxes!) and old, replaced electricals- taking up space.

We also need to declutter a few lifestyle things. We have recently been sucked into Netflix. I know, I know I don't actually have a social life anymore but I am sure I will make use of this in those few uncomfortable weeks of waiting for baby to pop! Therefore the use of Sky is really not necessary anymore and cancelling that would be a few extra pennies in our monthly pocket. I also have my Cineworld card which I haven't used for months! Sebastian cancelled his a few months before the Wedding and I no longer have a cinema buddy to use it with so that will be next on my list to cancel.
I need to organise my time and money better too. With baby TTDER on the way I need to save and spend wisely so limiting myself to a couple of outings/dinner out a month is necessary. This will be a hard one as most of my close friends live far away, but planning in advance will make it all that more special and something to look forward to.
When we have successfully moved all of our furniture around (and by 'we' I mean Sebastian and team of manly friends!) and swapped rooms over I know I will finally be happy living in this old rented property with crappy Landlord/agency. I can then spend my Maternity leave cleaning cupboards and making curtains and getting the nursery/cot room ready for the little bean. I know this will make me happier and much more comfortable being here. It's just hard when you have the mindset of wanting it all done in one great swoop and not actually having the free time to do it! But doing things in small chunks have helped alot.


Guest Post// Husband

When an email popped into my account asking if I would like to review a hip flask I first thought, 'you really think my flowery feminine blog would be suitable to host a hip flask review?! Can I drink tea from a hip flask?'...but then I remembered my darling Husband and his love for Whiskey, Tweed and all things gentlemanly!
I'm sure he would have nudged me if I had refused such a lovely email. So, over to Mr Turton-Wall.
"What a treat this Harris Tweed flask from SWIG is, in class and functionality! I love that the handsome tweed cover is removable, handy for washing and perfect for filling incase of clumsy spillages (although hastily slurped to ease the pain of losing even one drop of an 18 year travel edition single malt). The cover also has a great high quality feel but that's to be expected as it is Harris Tweed after all.
The flask itself is a highly polished Stainless Steel giving it a rather classy look in and out of the cover (It's also rather very therapeutic buffing out those fingerprints!). I much prefer Stainless Steel to the old Pewter flasks as my favourite tipple lasts much longer, adding to this the cap has a seal inside to stop leakage and prolong that freshness.
I fear most modern chaps these days have forgotten the old ways... of chivalry, nobility, gallantry, honour and most importantly casual alcoholism to deal with a gentleman's day (joke!!)! All in all a marvelous new addition to the now seven strong collection and to be honest... my new favourite!"

I know it's still early days but Christmas (yes Christmas!!!) is around the corner and this could make a wonderful gift to give your lovely Husbands, wonderful Father's and fun brother's. This accompanied by a fancy bottle of Whiskey and woodsy pine scented candle would surely make the perfect little Man hamper.