Just a Cup of... Christmas

It is THIRTY FOUR days until Christmas and I am well and truly in the Christmas spirit. Since the middle of October I have already watched THREE Christmas films, eaten TWO nets of Chocolate coins and a chocolate snowman lolly. I have also listened to Wham COUNTLESS times.
But I have had FIVE Christmas hot drinks so far and I don't even feel bad. They are so very nice.
1.  An Almond and Nut Hot Chocolate from Starbucks- Far too sickly. The chocolate cream on top was WAY too much.
2.  A Gingerbread Latte from Costa at work- Yum.
3.  A White Hot Chocolate from Costa- It was tasty but didn't need the horrible fruity sauce on top. That just ruined it! I would advise not to get a chocolatey treat to eat with it as you may feel slightly sickly afterwards! 
4.  Two more Gingerbread Lattes (with cream this time) and sprinkled with cute edible golden stars and a little man on the side. The Latte that I enjoyed today was bought with a gingerbread muffin which had a gooey ginger sauce inside and was terribly good! My most favourite so far.

I was quite disappointed when I found out Starbucks didn't have Peppermint Hot Chocolate on their Festive menu. I love that stuff. 
What are your favourite Christmas drinks? 


Motivational Monday #4


The simple things in life are sometimes the most effective. Remember last week when we talked about a good night's sleep and good laugh. I'm sticking by it this week.
I had a terribly miserable week last week and I slept late and I cried instead of laughed. I ignored my own advice! How ridiculous is that!?

This week... Read above- All of those are on my 'To Do List'. I can almost guarantee a good week. More hugs, more sleep, more fun, more laughter, more creating- a recipe of success if you ask me.
How was your week? Let's try the simple things this week. Bath, tea, films, sleep, craft, fun, hugs... and so on. Who's with me?

Let's do this.


Five Happy Things

This week has been somewhat hard. I haven't really been feeling my best. Despite the many attempts of picking myself up and others, I have struggled. However, there are so many lovely people out there and I am so grateful for all your lovely comments on Twitter and my beautiful Friends being extra lovely with their words and gifts. I am now feeling a lot better than I was Monday and Tuesday.
1.  Christmas drinks. I have had TWO Gingerbread Lattes in Costa Christmas cups with a sprinkling of gold stars atop a naughty helping of cream. Oh and a white hot chocolate. They are so yummy.

2.  Festivities. There is giant Christmas tree in the centre of town and I got excited bubbles inside when I laid my eyes on it. It is gorgeous. I cannot wait for the official switch-on next weekend. Sebastian and I go every year as part of our Christmas tradition.

3.  My bestest Suz. She popped over on Friday for dinner, films and treats. She bought me THE cosiest, softest thick socks there ever was. She saw that my current pair (that she got me for Christmas last year!) were literally falling apart. She is gorgeous!

4.  Clean sheets. If you ever needed a quick pick me up and good nights sleep... clean sheets and a cup of tea is the way to go. It's the simple things. A hot bath, climbing into bed with new clean sheets, a good book and a cup of tea. Pure Bliss.

5.  Today. It's my Papa's birthday and he and L popped over for tea and (LOTS of) cake with my two brothers and their ladies. It has probably been about FIVE years since we were all together due to a small family fall out, it was pretty special and how can I not be happier now?! I have been dreaming of this day for SO long.