37 & 38/52

A portrait every week for a year

Olive Mae, 8 half months (38 weeks):: Our last sensory class and Olive was so involved. She loved the glow eggs and giant pinecones but her face when the bubble machine came out is absolutely priceless. She is a funny little thing.
Olive started clapping this week too. I think she was equally pleased with herself as we were!
Olive, 9 months (39 weeks):: So this lady turned 9 months this week and I am in love more than ever. Olive is such a happy, smilie, goofy baby. She is clever and cruising the furniture like she has some other place to be. She is extremely cheeky, in which I have to try my darn hardest not to smile/laugh when telling her no as she gives me a huge 'cheese' style smile back at me!
This week we finally moved her into her own room too. Phew. It took long enough. The blind is finally up and we do need new curtains but for now it will keep as it is. The first few days were tricky but we're all adapting to it and I'm happy to have my husband back! (His snoring kept her awake so I banished him to our spare room!).

Side note :: I am not too sure, but I think I may have miscalculated the weeks somehow. Is it the 38th week this week or 39th?! I have counted so many times and I'm confusing myself more. Thanks!!


The quickest Life Lately update...

Lately it's been all about tea, cake, playing with stacking cups, Mama nightshifts, rice dinners and running after a very inquisitive, adventurous and cheeky little lady. It can all become quite tiring. So much so that I haven't been taking as many snaps, nor have we been doing an awful lot due to the horrid heat. So instead of writing a long post about what we have/haven't been up to (pretty much everything above over and over again!) I am going to shut the computer down, turn my social media notifications off and get on with some creative time/peace and quiet Charlotte time. Before my eyes become heavy and I lose all enthusiasm due to exhaustion.

Oh and it's supposed to rain tomorrow and I am secretly jumping for joy at the thought because it is just too darn hot around here. And not so secretly over it!

Ooh and one more thing- it's 100 days until Christmas today so in honour of that, Olive and I watched Arthur Christmas. Because watching a Christmas film on this day has always been my tradition.

Have a lovely evening tea drinkers!


Interiors // Bathroom inspiration

I am hoping by the end of this week our bathroom will finally be finished. The builders started at the beginning of August and have been coming by every so often ever since. Seriously when I have my own house and I need work doing I will be sure to move out whilst it is being carried out. Who would have thought a bathroom revamp would take so long.
Anyway on a more positive note, after nearly 6 years of living here and at least 4 and half of those waiting for a (promised) new bathroom it will soon be finished. HOORAY!!

They have taken everything away and replaced it with a new white suite. White tiles, white walls and soon to be wood effect vinyl flooring. It will look clean, refreshed and sparkling. I do need to tell you that before it was a peach suite with a bidet no less (ick!) and avocado green walls with mould, damp and crumbling walls and tiles. Oh and ugly brown flooring - it was quite simply horrific.
With the luxury of everything being white, it will look so clean and minimal giving us room to throw in a few plants for colour and life. They took the bathroom cabinets away so we are stripped back to the basics - which is the perfect excuse to go shopping.

We are going to purchase a white wooden cabinet to store our toiletries, paper and products in. This will be the perfect location for a plant or two to sit upon too. The room also needs a little seat or bench and I have loved the idea of a step stool for a while. This super affordable one from Ikea can be used to sit on whilst I dry Olive, throw my clean clothes on or even use as a tiny table/shelf (as well as a step stool of course!). I'm also on the look out for a tall side table or something to have next to the sink for toothbrushes, hand cream and essentials. I love the look of a neat and tidy collection of items on a round tray and think it will finish the whole bathroom off nicely. Also, I am no fan of the mirror cabinet so keeping the essentials by the sink suits my eye better. And a big round mirror above the sink would be perfect.
Then all we need is a new bath mat, a wooden bath shelf and some candles and I am ready for the biggest bath bubble there ever was. I can even share one of those standard Insta snaps with the world too without being incredibly embarrassed by the awful grout work, *throws arms in the air and cheers!*

Do you have any affordable ideas for what we could use for that side table next to the sink? It would have to be relatively skinny too. Also, what plants would you recommend to get for the bathroom? -Ones that preferably I can keep alive!!