It's not you, it's me!

I was recently sent a beautiful leather pouch made by 'Forbes & Lewis' to celebrate the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S5. And I am in love. My little pink bunny phone pouch was falling apart and this sophisticated number came at just the right time! Even though my pretty golden phone needed a lovely leather coat, I think we should take some time apart. Obviously I won't be ending it completely but maybe we just need a break, maybe at certain times of the day. After all- I don't need to take a picture of every meal!
Sometimes having a smartphone can be smart, and sometimes it can not. I appreciate it when I'm lost and need to find where I am on the map and when I can't remember something and google gets me back on the right track and in the know and when I need the time!
Sometimes I don't appreciate the fact I don't have to sign in every app or waste an hour looking at pointless statuses on Facebook or taking a picture of what I am wearing or tweeting about what I am daydreaming about for no reason or to think of something to take a picture of to put on Instagram because I haven't posted anything for a while.
Sometimes I should read a book instead of gazing at the tiny screen. Sometimes I should listen to a whole album on the cd player instead of a song via YouTube.
But sometimes pinning pretty pictures on Pinterest is enough to pull me out of my negativity and sometimes receiving lovely tweets make my day.

I think having a healthy relationship with your phone is the key; Scheduled times, and Knowing when to stop using it (i.e the dinner table or whilst chatting with your friend or during a really good film- you can IMDB that actor later!).
I also think giving your phone some beautiful accessories from time to time to make it feel special can be good too! (& addictive!)

Do you and your phone need a little time out? Do you find it hard to put it to bed?


A London adventure

Over a week ago, on my few days off, I hopped on the train to London Bridge to meet my lovely friend Melodie for a much needed catch up. We caught the bus to Hackney for a slice of cake and a cold drink at Violet and made friends with a sleepy cat on the way.

Violet is a place I have always wanted to go to- not just because of the name-but I have seen so many lovely snaps of their delicious looking cakes on Instagram and... well... Violet flavour frosting?!!! I ordered a chocolate cupcake with violet frosting (naturally!) and a glass of homemade lemonade & Melodie ordered a coconut macaroon and an iced tea. It was SUCH a hot and sticky day- the cold drinks were very much in need!
After talking about creative things and future adventures, we visited Hackney museum for a fun trip down memory lane.
After we made our very own old-fashioned printed matchbox at the museum, we wandered through a beautiful park filled with wild meadow flowers and nibbled on ice lollies. It was SO gorgeous. The miniature meadow was dotted with pinks, purples, blues, yellows and reds it looked so dreamy!
We walked to Broadway market, which was closed that day, but the streets were beautifully lined with vintage shops, cute cafes and pretty florals. Oh and a giant ANT!
We wandered in book shops and admired the lovely sunny day, though I was extremely warm in my jeans. 
We took a lunch break in The Market Cafe which was filled with pretty furniture, floral wallpaper and mismatched chairs. There was also a very sleepy pup sunbathing in the sun.
As soon as my eyes met the words 'croque monsieur' my tummy rumbled with glee. I ordered my dish with a homemade pomegranate lemonade and we chatted about Paris and crafts and love.
After lunch we walked along the canal to get to the Geffrye Museum and ambled through the stunning gardens. I stumbled upon a giant tea set filled with herbs, a greenhouse full of greenery big enough for me to move in and a wooden bookshelf with terracota pots of pretty blooms. This garden was a DREAM.
Then we got kicked out due to closing time.
We went on to walk to Shoreditch where we planned to meet Abigail and Sara at Kahaila- a lovely rustic tearoom. Abby is the sweetest married lady I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is full of wisdom and adventure and is a brilliant baker, it was good to meet up again. She was busy working this day but managed to stop and sit for a natter with us a few times which was lovely. 
Then the beautiful Sara joined us before she moves to Manchester which upsets me slightly. As if London wasn't far enough! We always have such fun when we're together and I really want to spend Christmas with her in Canada this year- think of the snow!!! If I had the pennies for the flight I'd totally invite myself to hers.
I kept up with the cake and cold drinks and ordered a gluten-free cherry bakewell (a little bit good for me?!!) and a mint & berry infused iced tea- which was AMAZING! It was beautifully refreshing.
The four of us talked Weddings, adventure, travel and books. It was just so lovely. I really do miss spending time with people that have similar interests to me. I just so wish I lived closer to these pretties.
After closing time at Kahaila, we said our goodbyes to sweet Abby with plans of Lavender trips. Then it was time to say goodbye to lovely Melodie.
Sara and I wandered the streets of Brick Lane and spent our time looking at doodled walls whilst we talked about her next chapter in Manchester.
It was getting late so we decided to head to London Bridge by foot to go our separate ways.
Before that though we walked and talked and laughed at our stupid faces in our attempts to take a NICE picture of ourselves with London's beautiful surroundings. The wind took our hair and my eyes didn't play ball. But we got there in the end -Even if my teeth are trying to make a sneaky appearance and causing me to look goofy! It made me laugh until my eyes watered so who cares about the goofy face!
I had such a wonderful day! It was hot and I walked ALOT. But it was just wonderful. I loved seeing all three again and having a much needed catch up. It was just what I needed after feeling a little lost, a little unmotivated and a little far away from everyone. Thank you ladies, you are all amazing. Meet again soon?!


Pastel Perfection


The only thing I like about the summer is that I can wear pretty sandals, I can leave my coat behind, freshly cut grass & pretty flowers and eating lots of ice cream. My favourite thing is that wearing pastel colours is everyone's favourite thing.

I really love these Jelly shoes. I sort of brushed them off when they first came back in the shops, then I secretly wished for a pair but thought that due to my youthful looks I'd probably look about 5 and deemed it not a good idea! But now I have cracked. My secret is out and I want a pair or three! They'll be great for my seaside trips I've planned.
I am also in love with these dotty denim shorts from Topshop! How cute are they?! I think they'd go with everything and so will that Cambridge Satchel! Oh my goodness. I think my life would be complete. The colour is so pretty and they also have a dusky pink!!! Is it Christmas yet?!!