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When the rain pours down heavily outside with such strong winds that blow next door's metal garden furniture over, there is nothing better than staying curled up together inside. Snuggled up in cosy knits, cups of hot tea with a mince pie or two, candles flickering and a feel good film on the television.
With the weather being a little stormy out I thought it time to get the pretty Autumnal bed sheets out and my tartan bed shirt. The perfect cosy pair!
Days like this are truly my favourite. I just wish we had a log burner, a biscuit tin full of snacks and our lovely wingman, Sebastian, home with us. I want to build a fort draped in floral blankets and twinkly lights, a floor full of cushions and teddies. A mantel lined with flickering candles and a pile of books to read and look at. The record player playing Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. I want to turn my phone off and block out the outside world.
Next week Olive and I are off to Scotland with my Mama to move her into her new home. We will be staying in her cosy cottage surrounded by forests and wildlife, living slowly and basic. There is no phone signal, no wifi, no television. There is a log burner and lots of boxes to unpack and woodland walks to explore. It will be cold but cosy. Lots of baking, relaxing, reading, playing and 'being'.
I think a social media detox and a little adventure is just what I need right now. Though we will miss Sebastian. ALOT.
When we get back though it will be all family, festive and operation Christmas in full swing. So many lovely things.

Do you have any cosy plans or Autumnal adventures coming up?


Dear Father Christmas ...

Dear Father Christmas

I don't wish for alot this year (perhaps a pair of sneakers that don't have holes in the soles that make my socks all soggy every time it rains.). Because this year Christmas feels different for me. Olive's birthday is three days before and there is a cake to bake, party hats to order, a handful of gifts to wrap and family to gather. This year priorities have changed. Money kindly gifted from loved ones will be spent wisely on a Christmas tree or a box of fancy biscuits and a turkey crown. Presents will most likely be scattered under the tree addressed to Olive whilst Sebastian and I have the most perfect gift of the little lady herself ... and the pleasure of seeing her unwrapping boxes and being in awe of every shiny ribbon and twinkly light in sight. We will have the enjoyment of our first (proper!) Christmas as a family and having that festive cheer and delicious biscuits with hot cocoa will be more enjoyable than having 'things'.

If I were to ask for something for myself however, it would be a big (or small, I'm not ungrateful!) box of Twinings 'Everyday' tea (It's the good stuff, but also costs too much to put on our regular shopping list these days), some rose Turkish Delight, a white Toblerone and some time for myself. I don't get too much time for myself lately. In fact I never do. I always silently think how lucky my Mama friends that do are. I spend my evenings at the sewing machine or catching up with Sebastian or just falling into a slumber from exhaustion (these are on the nights where Olive is playing ball and actually sleeps!). So to have a little quality alone time with myself would be a dream. I would have a lovely quiet bubble bath and paint my nails (I think I've managed that twice in 11 months!!). I would get my hair trimmed (again twice in 11 months!). I would buy myself a hot cup of something and sit on my own in a coffee shop. I would put my phone down and read a few pages of a book (an actual book!). I would write or nap or just sit. I would use the time very wisely.
Oh and maybe a sprinkling of snow - perhaps a little too much to ask?

I don't wish for much and if I don't get any of the above then I'd still be extremely happy either way. Life is crazy busy lately and I am loving it more than ever. Being a mama and a wife is everything and more. I hope that next year I can be more organised with dinners and housework and creative projects. I hope that I can leave my job and sew and play with Olive full time. I hope I can read more and be more in the moment. I hope I bake more. I hope I eat healthier and be healthier. I hope I start yoga again. I hope to be and do better.

Anyway, I shall leave a mince pie and a little whisky for you by the fire place if you should visit. And some chocolate coins for the elves.

Festive wishes and a sprinkling of sparkle,
Charlotte xxx



A portrait once a week, for a year

Olive Mae, 10 half months (47 weeks) :: Even through clingy, whiney moments, this girl makes me smile so much. Huge cheeky grins, the most wonderful cuddles, giant open mouthed kisses. She is funny, lovely, kind and oh so independent. She is also extremely cheeky!
This Elf has been wandering around the hall wearing my Elf hat and looking cuter than any Santa's helper there ever was. She most certainly has my Christmas spirit!