TTDLN: The Tea Drinking Little Nephew

A few weeks ago, I had a weekday off for an appointment and a Tea & Cake date with my beautiful sister, Sara and little cutie nephew, Felix in Canterbury.
We were spoiled for choice when it came to cake time as there are so many lovely places to go in this cute little city. We decided on cream teas at Mrs Jones' Kitchen.
I had been before with a friend and I just love it here. It's a big open space and perfect for taking this little man in. I find the smaller tearooms a little pokey for littles as they can be a little fidgetty (this one was kneeling on his chair and toppled over!).
Sara and I had a delicious cream tea each and Felix had a slice of lemon drizzle cake which he thoroughly enjoyed, apparently!
Felix enjoyed a couple of milky teas with us grown ups too which was the cutest thing ever. I think he was loving the tea more than I was! He kept demanding more... which I regret highly due to his constant need to pee and ride the escalators in M&S! Although I think he was doing this on purpose, the little monkey!
I do enjoy a little tea date, especially when it involves cake and this little orange curly haired kiddo. I especially love it when he insists on chasing the pigeons afterwards- this little one is full of chat and full of beans. Super cutie alert.

Ps. I'm new to the YouTube community so if you could hit that Subscribe button I would be a super happy Tea Drinker. Plus I think Felix would be a little excited about being a YouTube star.
**A BIG thanks to Sebastian for the video edits**


Motivational Monday #19

Just putting this out there. Sometimes we find ourselves staring at our follower count on Instagram, Bloglovin', Twitter etc and wondering when all these new kids will start following our accounts and liking the heck out of our pastel-hued feed- I am SO very guilty of this too!
But a number doesn't prove that you're cooler or uncooler than anyone else.... because you are actually super awesome! Just think how many people that DON'T have Bloglovin' that read your blog or all those admirers that forget to double tap on your breakfast snap because they are half asleep nibbling on their own toast.
Sending all my positive vibes your way and all my thanks and air kisses for all of you who HAVE double tapped my snaps and liked my Facebook page. Have a wonderful Monday.


Adventuring in Stripes

A couple of weekends ago, Sebastian and I left our town house and went for a little wander. We found a few little winding tracks that made us feel that we were no longer in the centre of town. I love that feeling... until we hear a siren!
The weather is a little frustrating at the moment. One minute it seems to be blue skies and the sunshine is a little warm and the next day is so very windy and cold with drizzles of rain. We all just want Spring now please.
I cannot wait for the Spring showers so I can wear my wonderful yellow raincoat every single day! I have had this beautiful jacket from Petit Bateau since way before Christmas (thanks Alice!) and it has just been TOO cold for me to wear it- the cold raindrops require my warm woolen coat and wrap around scarf at the minute. The weekend that Sebastian and I went for a walk was such a lovely warmer day with threats of a shower so we had the perfect excuse to go out and pretend to be Coraline or a Fisherman, amongst the shrubbery. ...or at least I did the pretending!

Along with my raincoat, I wore my beautiful new Breton striped dress. This dress from Joules is the perfect companion for my yellow raincoat. The tiny striped lining of the coat is so cute, clashing wonderfully with the bigger stripes of the dress. I have to admit that this gorgeous dress makes me feel like a lady. It is a casual fabric made in such a feminine cut and wearing it makes me feel so good! I can comfortably wear it to work with my hair pinned back, matte tights and brogues (and get a billion compliments) and I can wear it outside of work teamed with fine woolen tights and boots. Whichever way, the shape makes me feel so very good. Thank you Joules! You did good, you did real good!
Until Spring arrives, I will be admiring this darling yellow raincoat that I had been coveting for so gosh darn long, patiently waiting for me on the coat hook and I will fill my house with Spring tulips and yellow daffodils.