Motivational Monday #5

I just want to make pretty things and get enough sleep.

The key to a happy life is to just be. Cups of tea, baking a cake, making your own organic soap, having an early night, cooking a good hearty meal, having a giggle with your friends, smiling so much that your cheeks hurt, planning an adventure, exploring on that adventure.

Life can be too gritty, disappointing, hard, dark and demanding sometimes so we must fill it with lovely, cosy, inspiring, pleasing and delightful things to balance it out. Let's all turn the television off, light some candles, wear a cosy jumper, put some soft music on and read a real feel-good book. Let's plan a great adventure for the new year, let's bake a cake, let's make life better. Let's just live.

Be free. Be alive. Be happy.


Five Happy Things

Well this week started off a bit naff again, but ended pretty darn great. Everything that was bothering me has now been resolved, or nearly at least. Those two days off really helped.
This week has also been pretty Christmassy- which always makes me HAPPY!
1.  Oven Chips. I never thought I'd be so excited for oven baked chunky chips and mayonnaise, but when you're without an oven for well over a month the cravings for something you can't have start kicking in. Thursday was a joyous day for my insides!

2.  Christmas coffee and cake with my sister. I haven't spent 'proper' time with my sister Sara for a long time and it was really nice to catch up. I am also LOVING helping Christmas shop for other people's gifts- I am like THE ultimate Christmas Elf. That's two sisters I have now helped to buy their gifts- And yet I have about TWO gifts sorted. Two very small gifts at that. Oops.

3.  Tea. This could be on my list EVERY week. Tea makes things so much easier, clearer, warmer. I love it. Twinings Everyday Tea is my all time favourite.

4.  Being productive. I have finally kicked myself into gear. I have been sewing, printing, snapping, sticking, pressing, planning, organising and blogging. I am feeling so motivated right now.

5. Christmas spirit. With all the festive drinks and playing Head Elf it's safe to say I am well and truly in the Christmas spirit. But watching the town's lights being turned on whilst sipping Peppermint Hot Chocolate (thanks guys for the tips at asking for this at Starbucks- Happy lady!) and dancing to Christmas songs that are being played through the big speakers makes me feel all warm and cosy inside.

Ps. Thirty One Days.


Oh Life.

Lately. I kind of love life. I had a couple of weeks where I wasn't too sure and I did find myself in doubt quite alot. But now, I feel love. 
It's nearly Christmas, the weather is beautiful- when it's not being too rainy and windy (I dislike them more when they are together!) and I am feeling all kinds of love for the world.
I have had the last two days off, sipping Christmas drinks, being cosy indoors, getting creative, having my hair done, feeling motivated, eating toast and chips and more toast, painting my nails, wearing a GIANT tee and frilly socks, sipping too much tea to stay warm, celebrating my oven getting fixed with a little happy dance, reading lovely blogs and getting things done.
I have sipped on festive drinks, pink milk and more tea, nibbled chocolate treats and Gingerbread muffins whilst feeling extremely Christmassy. I have been sewing, crafting, wedding planning and making invitations, singing along to Taylor Swift WAY too much and dancing around the house in Pyjamas whilst Sebastian works. It has been just perfect, I needed these few days to get back on track and to breathe a little. Some alone time, for me.

I hope you have been well. Have you?