My favourite kind of Monday is when we have nothing planned at all. No pressure, no need to go out, just time to catch up on naps, routine and housework.
Today, Olive and I played on the mat together. I read her a couple of stories, we danced and sang (me!) to Mary Poppins that played on the record player. I cooked up a couple of batches of meals for her in the week, washing up as I went along. As well as writing a meal plan for her.
We sat at the table and had lunch together, which has to be my new favourite thing. I have always dreamt of the day I get to sit and enjoy meal times with my family and it has already begun. Whilst I mainly had cold toast by the time I got to it, Olive nibbled on a portion of butternut squash puree and toast with houmous- which she loved! We have finally succeeded in getting her to drink water too. HOORAY for the Doidy cup! After 2 sippy cups & 1 beaker later, the Doidy cup is THE ONE. I am one very happy Mama. It got to the point where I found myself forcing water upon her last week as it was so so hot, and I worried she was dehydrated, which in turn made her not want it even more (she went all toddler trantrum on me!). We are saved.
After a successful day of playing, singing, napping and generally being cheery, Olive enjoyed her first pasta meal for dinner followed by a visit from her Nanny. We caught up over a cup of tea and cuddles with the little lady whilst making plans. Then it was time for bed. Sebastian got home later than usual as he does the weekly shop after work on a Monday, so Olive missed out on goodnight Daddy cuddles. However, the weekly shop means cake. We always have cake on Mondays- it's our thing.
After our dinner we had pink milk and an apple turnover whilst catching up with each others day.

What did you get up to?



A weekly portrait, once a week for a year (though I am cheating and using TWO!)

Olive Mae, 7 months (30 weeks):: This little lady of mine turned 7 months this week. She is such a happy little thing. Smiling at passers by, poking her tongue out to say hello, and excited toothy grins at her Daddy. 
Lately, she especially loves to 'oooh' and 'babababa' and is beginning to crawl, though not quite grasping that her hands need to go forward with her. It's all very exciting.


Oh we do like to be beside the seaside

Sunday was the perfect day to pack our bag and head to the seaside. So with Mummy T & Andy, our little family escaped the still warm heat of the town and enjoyed the beautiful breezy Summers day by the coast.
We arrived at lunchtime so with all five tummies rumbling we headed straight to Folkestone's Harbour Arm where there were all sorts of delicious eateries in the shape of shacks, huts and even buses! We managed to get some seats and plonked ourselves down in front of the lovely jazz band that had just begun whilst we decided what we all fancied to eat.
I couldn't resist the chunky fish finger sandwich at 'Sole Kitchen' (fun fact: I can NEVER resist the option of a fish finger sandwich when it's on the menu!). Mummy Susie joined me on the sandwich whilst Sebastian and Andy went for a burger each at 'That Burger'. Which looked delicious. Enjoying fruity ciders and cola we took turns in cuddles with Olive whilst appreciating the cool sea air, wonderful music and the perfect atmosphere.

After feeling satisfied and chilled we all went off for a walk, but first stopping for an ice cream cone. Because you absolutely cannot go to the seaside without stopping for an ice cream! It's an unwritten rule. Sebastian had a coffee scoop whilst I had the usual - mint choc chip.
We had a stroll along the harbour and watched the seagulls having a bath and stealing beach go-ers food whilst the smell of fresh fish was surprisingly pleasing. I turned to Sebastian and told him how much I would love to live by the sea and I could see myself here ... until the dream of living in Scotland becomes a reality of course!!
I love how small seaside towns gather on such sunny days eating good food, listening to good music whilst in good company. ALL the good vibes.

After we strolled along the cobbled path, Olive was out like a light. Heat and motion had finally taking it's toll and she gave in and snoozed happily in the pushchair. We took the opportunity to stop and sit and people watch.
Walking back to the car we all decided that we couldn't go home without a paper bag of fresh donuts sprinkled in cinnamon sugar. At this point Olive was awake and just watching us all stuff our faces. You cannot beat a warm freshly cooked donut - a carnival donut I might add.
We all felt shattered and slept wonderfully that night. It was a lovely family day and we cannot wait to go back. I want to take more snaps of the lovely arm and cobbled street and quaint little harbour filled with animated seagulls and cute sea boats.

I hope you are all coping in this heat! Another reason to live by the sea... cool air at all times. As well as refreshing ice creams. Did you have a lovely weekend?