Winter is my favourite time of year. The colour of the sky is just NOT the same as the other seasons. I love it in the daytime when it's almost white, it hints that it's so cold, cold enough for wearing all the layers. 
Sunrises are my all time favourite skies and I feel so grateful when it's clear and nice enough to walk to work in a pastel surrounding.
And I love going for walks at dusk. The ombre skies, hints of pastel and the feeling of getting home before it gets completely dark. Walking into a warm house and putting all the twinkly lights and lamps on. Cosy. 
^^^ the brightest socks in the world??!
Walks at dusk, with my little family AND on a Sunday too, absolute favourite combination. Getting some fresh air, saying hello to the ducks as they ripple the water by swimming towards a rosy, happy face and having a little run around and a play.

Though I do love Spring and all it's promise of new beginnings, pretty pastel buds peeking through the ground and pretty blossom adorning the trees... I'm just going to miss Winter so much when it's gone for another year. I prefer walks in the cold. I love layering up and playing outside, without getting too warm and icky. sigh. I will be sure to make the most of the pastel lit skies and pale green frosty ground before Spring arrives.


January moments

My favourite January moments were those slow days. Those slow mornings with the warm Winter sunshine peering through the window panes, making shadows on the walls (mostly hungry crocodiles), twirling around in circles listening to music, playing nicely with floor puzzles and sipping hot cups of tea.
Wearing all the layers, reading piles of books on the tiniest bed with an audience of bunnies, reindeer and 'Dolly'. Wearing more layers and warm knitted hats and fleece lined mittens for a slow (VERY slowwwww!) walk down the hill to the shop for milk and berries.
Stopping about a gazillion times and a few demands for "cuddles" (read: to be carried!!!), we finally get to the shop and fill a basket of milk, fresh bread, spinach, berries and a pastry.
Both feeling a bit tired and a bit hungry (bad combination!!), we perch our cold bottoms on a bench and share the pastry before attempting the hill home.
After alot of "cuddles"/carrying, we find a twiggy tree with teeny buds of blossom and some bushes filled with bug bitten leaves. Teeny tiny holes decorated the small green leaves that were likely a tasty dinner for some critters. We couldn't leave without Olive collecting one and placing it in her pocket. Then home for chicken soup.
My favourite days are the slow, chilly ones where Olive and I spend half of the day adventuring and the other half cosying up at home. It makes for a good balance. Especially for a wild toddler who needs a bit of fresh air to help contribute to a good easy nap time!! Thank you Mother Nature!!
^^^ kisses from us


52 Project // January

Back in 2016 I took part in the 52 Project and I struggled to keep it up each week. You can take a little peek at tiny bebe Olive here (Feeling ever so slightly broody looking at all these and remembering such precious moments).
The pressure of posting, that I convinced myself it was, made me not want to do it in 2017, which I'm sad about because I like to keep the memories here.

So this year, ... 2018, I am going to post it monthly because that to me feels so much more achievable, without that pressure of a deadline.

The 52 Project // 2018
A portrait once a week, for a year.

JANUARY (1, 2, 3, 4/52) ::
Olive, 2 years old :: An excitable end of December (Birthday, Christmas, festivities that seemed to go on forever!) gave the Turton-Wall household a bit of a whirlwind when it came to routines. We spent the entirety of January getting back to something that resembled a routine and finding our feet again. Surrounded by chocolate, mince pies and the attraction of Christmas films still lingered. Not to mention going back to work. Olive was a clingy mess on those days (poor Daddy!).

We spent the rest of the month going for walks in the bitter cold afternoon of the weekend, visiting the ducks and spying fish at the garden centre. Crafting with stocking gifts of glitter glue and sequins. Reading Yoga Babies and practising our Yogi skills. Playing "Babies" and insisting "Blue Baby" comes everywhere with us - playdates, bed, to the shops! (Daddy, she wants a "Baby Bruvva" !! C'mon already!).

Favourite things Olive says:
"Mummy, I need somefin' ellse to eat, ma hungey" - Every second of the day!!
"Sometimes... Sometimes it's raining!"
"Olive play a little minute!?!" - As I announce it's Nap time.
"Good mornin' evrrybody" - Knocking on the bedroom door at 0530am!

Her food "big" meaning whole. So if I mistakenly cut something I have to distract her with some elaborate meaning as to why it has to be cut this time... otherwise I'm doomed.
Playing imaginary "shops" which consists of walking back and forth across the living room, holding hands, and pretend supermarket shopping.
Playing with her Elephant puzzle (and acing it!!).
Her hair in a plait "like Mummy's".

You leaving the room and her not being able to help with lunch.
Carrots (even though she liked them last month!).