Will You...

Remember when I told you I was doing a little secret Wedding project? Well I can finally talk about it now.

I made little Bridesmaid invitations asking my lovely sisters and bests if they would like to play a special part in my wedding... luckily they all said YES!
The whole wedding is very sentimental, it's small and intimate and it's 'Homemade'. So naturally I could only ask them this way.
After first spotting this idea on a few of the many wedding blogs I read; The Natural Wedding Company, Bridal Musings, & Wedding Chicks and Pinterest I got so excited by the idea, I just knew this was the way I had to ask.
I made the main Postcard by handwriting the 'Bridesmaid' and scanning it through and editing on Photoshop. I printed it at home using recycled Kraft postcards. I like how my girls can put this on their fridge or tape it up on their mantelpiece or wherever- a keepsake.

The Bridesmaids packs were such fun to make. Though a LOT of work went in them!
Many nights I spent tapping away at my vintage typewriter. Many mistakes were made, many pieces of card were wasted, many cups of tea were sipped.
I had SIX to make. FOUR sisters and TWO best friends. So you can imagine my poorly red/ raw fingertips!
It was worth it- as my beautiful bridesmaids loved them- I apparently made my big sisters cry. Oops!
I nipped into my nearest hardware store with my mother and pretended to choose pretty vintage, pastel, muted colours for my imaginary decorating project. After I left with a HUGE stack of paint chip cards, I was ready to 'paint'- or create my colour palette guide for the girls.
I had already had a little look at potential dresses for them online, so I printed a few examples so they could get an idea of the sort of thing I had in mind- though I am open to their suggestions.
Once I was happy with the content I got everything together, in it's order, and tied it together with some twine. I sprinkled the pieces of card with pink heart shaped confetti and wrapped it all up in pale pink tissue paper and sealed it with a piece of floral washi tape.
After stamping the envelope with the special date, it was ready to go.

I had sent out my best Alix's about a week and a half before sending out everyone elses in hope they would all receive them at the same time. But that plan failed. Alix was in Rome working at the time and it probably arrived about two days after she left for Berlin. Typical! But it was so exciting waiting for the calls and texts to come flooding in on the day. I had voicemails and texts from my sisters claiming I had made them cry and that they would be honoured and how much they loved it all.
We are now planning trips to try dresses on and talking about my potential 'bridal shower' in Paris. I have also suggested we get matching tattoos- how fun would that be!
Has any of my lovely brides/ bride-to-be readers asked their bridesmaids in a similar way? Or any other exciting way? I would LOVE to hear them.
Have/are any of you planning a Homemade wedding too? 


Nice things

The Dream.
(source, Pinterest)

... So I bought a new desk and cleared out some of my things.

I needed a change of scenery, I needed to declutter my life AND my home. So I made the changes. I took the step. I feel this is the next best thing to moving out- which is on the cards but not for a while.
We potted plants for our front steps- our make shift garden. I bought a new giant desk for plenty more craft all-nighters and Sebastian cleared the space for me to share his studio with him.
I LOVE my craft room, but it's too small and I don't have enough storage. I have also felt like I needed a change of scenery to inspire, to motivate.
And it worked! Now to wait for the delivery of my new baby and I can start to make pretty things again. I am so excited.


(sometimes not-so and sometimes) Joyful June

SO the majority of June was a bit of a wash out- and the weather was actually quite nice for the best part of it... my mood was awful! -Again as I mentioned previously the blame is all on Mercury retrograde!
But there were some good parts. when my Mother came to work one morning with a pale green Ladurée bag, with the pretty lilac Macaron gift box filled with the equally pretty pastel pâtisseries. That cheered me up a considerable amount! that sunny Wednesday I went up to London to meet my lovely sweetpea pal miss Jenny. We ambled around Covent Garden in search for food, in which I had a giant Fish cake burger and Blackcurrant beer.
After we caught up over our huge lunch & fruit flavoured beers, we went to the Hunterian Museum where we found some pretty creepy things. Shelves and shelves were filled with jars of creepy crawlies and human body parts and nature.
I remember going there many years ago when I was an Art college student. I remember sitting there with my sketchbook and watercolour pencils and ink and pen. I miss those days!
So after glaring at the 'preserves' and having a giggle in the education room we hopped on the tube to the V&A Museum of Childhood. This was Jenny's choice... which strangely enough I visited when I was a Uni student. Oh what memories!
We had a little ride on the vintage rocking horses, we pointed at all the toys that were familiar to us when we were little'uns, we read pages from old diaries. We briefly looked at the Jacqueline Wilson exhibtion before getting chucked out. I used to LOVE reading her books as a girl- I was probably quite old for these books but I loved them so! My favourite was The Suitcase Kid, the little Radish, the bright cover! -I still have that book in my bookcase!
We eventually got chucked out by the loud 'bell-ringer' and we went on our merry way.
Jenny and I hopped on the tube to go to our last stop-before going our separate ways-Ladurée for a Posh pâtisserie and a cup of Tea.
However, in the events of the busy rush hour we ended up having a little, er, 'issue'!
Jenny lost her flip flop down the gap between the platform and the tube... We were in tears of laughter. My favourite part was when Jenny casually says 'Oh, my flip flop' we frantically open the tube doors and peered out... Ohhh goodness it was such a funny thing. --Remember when Jenny and I first hung out?? THE DUCK STOLE HER SANDWICH!!!
After the search for new flip flops we went to the French tearoom for a takeaway dessert. We sat on a step in the courtyard eating our treats whilst sipping tea laughing at the days events. After planning another meetup we said our goodbyes.
It was so lovely. I love hanging out with miss Jenny! My friendship with her feels like it has been a childhood one. I still cannot express how grateful I am for this little space of the internet- it has given me the bestest of friends! Jenny, Alix! I really do not know what my life would be like without them! Honestly!!
Grateful of long-life friends and grateful June/Mercury Retrograde is over.