My little bookworm

I love spending time with Olive out on adventures or playdates. Even going for a walk down the road. But my most favourite parts of the day are when we're at home together, first thing in the morning- a fresh new day or last thing at night- winding down. These parts of the day are spent sitting in the reading corner or snuggled on the sofa with a pile of books beside us and we read together.
Olive loves books more than she loves raisins (well, maybe equal parts!). She has her firm favourites which she almost always asks me to read first. 'Paper Dolls', which is a stunning book! 'Please, Mr Panda', Peter Rabbit (we have a few variations, all of which she adores.) and 'Hop Along Boo, Time for Bed', which is the book we always read before bed. She also loves the classics 'Peepo', 'Each Peach Pear Plum', 'The Hungry Caterpillar','Ten little Fingers and Ten little Toes', 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' along with the contents of her bookshelf.

I too enjoy reading all those books to her. I read part of the sentence and let her finish it - we read them THAT much. I believe this is one of the reasons why Olive's vocabulary and memory is phenomenal. Repetitiveness and reading.
My other favourite pasttime is watching her read by herself. Sometimes she just sits in her reading corner and takes out each book, carefully inspecting each page before getting the next one. It always looks like she's in a sea of books by the time I come back and check on her. Other times I hear her (and secretly watch her from afar) reading out loud. It's mostly gobbledegook with the odd word thrown in. It's so funny and wonderful to watch.

A few weeks ago I was going about my weekend morning getting some housework done and Olive just sat here for ages in her sea of books with her beautiful floral dress. The sun was peering through the cracks in the curtain, it was such a pleasant and warm morning. The perfect kind for nibbling on strawberries in your favourite party dress whilst reading books. What a way to start the day!
The beautiful dress* was kindly sent to us from the lovely ladies at Mama et Moi. The pretty rose print is such a delicate print on this delicate floaty dress. It is a traditional design with girly elements. I love the little frills on the shoulders too! Oh and the ruched bodice! I just love it all. 
Olive doesn't often wear dresses but when she does she twirls around and you can tell she feels girly in them. She is adorable.

With her books, her dreamy dresses and strawberry stained chin I honestly can watch her play all day. Though she would stop after a while to beg for "mor snaacks Mammy?!" "Yer peeease" and to play with her wooden blocks and plastic fairies or running over to the window to see which "Nee-Norrs" is driving past with it's siren.

Happy Monday everyone.


Home days // Slow living

Slow home days are my absolute favourites. Early morning starts and quiet breakfasts with Olive, the birdsong and the radio on low with a hot cup of tea whilst Olive enjoys her porridge and banana. Pure bliss.
We then go into the living room for a while and read books, play with blocks or her babies until it's time to wake Sebastian up with a coffee. In which Olive excitedly runs into the bedroom, climbs on the bed and snuggles into him with the biggest cuddle and kiss and a "morniiin". It is THE cutest wake up call. Until she starts bouncing on the bed and then I have to guide her out back into the living room so Sebastian can wake up in peace.
^^^ Beautiful wooden musical instruments by Djeco (best 1st birthday gifts!).

We spend the rest of the morning listening to the record player usually instigated by Olive with her requests for Mary Poppins "Chimm Chimnee!?!". Sometimes we dance, sometimes we play with musical instruments, sometimes we do both. I love how much Olive loves music. Sebastian and I both play a complete variety of music to her and she loves it all. It will be interesting to find out what will be her very favourite type of music when she's older.

During a peaceful 2 hour nap, I am able to get a few tasks ticked off my To Do list, get in my comfy loungewear and then stop with a cup of tea and my book. 
When the little lady wakes, we make some lunch together. Usually toast, a "samidge", a mix of homemade savoury snacks or a yummy dippy egg with buttery soldiers. Followed by a selection of fruit.
Olive's favourite thing (aside from eating ALL day "Snak?! Yeh pease!?!") is colouring in. Whilst we're still sitting at the table Olive loves to scribble a big ol rainbow mess on a blank piece of paper or two or three. Some days we will have some time to paint which gets a bit messy and a whole lot of excitement as Olive wants to use every colour at once. I have to control the painting with small instalments of colour! We have great fun though and she creates some colourful pieces which we stick up on our hallway wall aka the giant gallery wall.

Last week we made tiny cupcakes together (on her half birthday!) and I decorated half of the batch with buttercream, blueberry jam and blueberries. On our slow day together we decorated the rest with a little icing and sprinkles whilst listening to Classic FM. Olive did pretty well, however as soon as she finished decorating the last cake she took the paper case off and started eating it! ... and then half way through that one she started nibbling a second. Haha. Whilst I tidied up she had a cup of milk and then snuggled up on the sofa together and watched Cinderella for the first time (She loves the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo song when we listen to Disney music).
It was the perfect grey, chilly Summers day for decorating cakes and watching a film. These days are my favourite slow days. The gloomier the weather the better the excuse to slow right down and enjoy the quiet. No plans on weekends too are my number one. Unfortunately Sebastian had to work most of the weekend but it makes it more perfect when he gets home to us. Especially when we have cute toddler cakes to give him.
I can't wait for my next slow day filled with toddler fun, cake and movies.

What do you like to do on a quiet day?


London adventures in Spring

Back in April I left my two favourite humans at home and hopped on a train for a day to be 'just Charlotte'. The beautiful Alice met me at St Pancras and we started our adventure and headed to Victoria tube station to visit Peggy Porschen for some pink frosted treats and a catch up.
We arrived when our tummies started to rumble and ordered ourselves a pot of tea and a stunning pastel pink slice of deliciousness. I had a piece of Lemon, Raspberry and Rose cake whilst Alice enjoyed a slice of their classic Glorious Victoria. We had a good catch up on life over much needed breakfast tea.
So Peggy Porschen is my new favourite place. Not only are their cakes the most beautiful and delicious I have ever had, the whole place is a pink dream! Everything is pink!
After a good old natter, in between mouthfuls of cake, we set off to Borough Market for some browsing and ... more food!
Stalls of fresh fruit and vegetables, produce, cakes, doughnuts, turkish delight and homemade scotch eggs tempted me all afternoon long but we settled for fish finger sandwiches because we just cannot refuse them!
After spending some pocket money on turkish delight we wandered the little streets of London and went exploring.
We also did a little bit of shopping, spending some of my birthday vouchers on Jo Malone perfume, dresses and pretties. It was lovely to buy myself some things for myself for a change. Something other than shampoo or cake!!
We popped into Liberty and browsed the delicious chocolate shop (I refrained!) and then down to Carnaby street for a visit to Monki and a stop for tea before catching my train.
I had such a lovely day out. We have already planned our next adventure together in the big city - We want to picnic on Primose Hill with cupcakes from Primose bakery and to wander amongst the pastel lined houses, eat good food and go to a gallery or a museum.
I cannot wait.

Do you have any favourite London tea and cake stops and cute wanders for lovely snaps?