Sweater Weather

My most favourite thing about Autumn is the slight chill in the air. The breeze that insists you wear a knitted jumper to prevent the goosepimples, then soon after when the chills get more intense then out comes the coat and woollen scarf.
I love Autumnal walks- kicking the crunchy leaves out the way, knitted tights, hot chocolates and marshmallows. The October air hints that Christmas is just around the corner- which obviously I am ALWAYS excited about.
This 'Smoothie Pink' jumper from Great Plains* is currently my favourite thing to wear at the moment. I find myself throwing it on after work- over my night shirt to keep cosy.
It automatically goes on at the weekends too. It goes perfectly with my soft Leigh jeans and a tee, and the warm berry colour is so pretty. Quite Autumnal don't you think? I had 'fall'en in love with it as soon as I had laid my eyes on it, I could not wait for the temperature to drop and the heat to go away so I could wear it.
I am such an Autumn/Winter kid and am pretty miserable when the sun is out (strange I know!) One of my favourite things to do is throw an oversized jumper on and go for a lovely walk.
Another one of my favourite things to do is to snuggle under a blanket, rain pouring down outside, cup of tea in hand, bar of chocolate in the other and watch a Christmas film.

Now that it's October- I can officially do both!


Margate Meanderings --Catch Up

I am so behind with my blog posts. But instead of just forgetting it ever happened, I am still going to share them on here.
At the beginning of the month, Sebastian and I hopped on the train to Margate to look at a house that we had our eye on for quite some time. We don't quite have all our plans set in concrete just yet but we thought we should start the process none-the-less.
I am quite happy we did. Yes I fell in love with the house and sea views. Yes I wanted to pack my boxes and put all our money into the deposit. Yes I thought for a split second that we could defer the wedding for yet another year. But realistically it really is 'wrong timing'.
However I am still happy we started properly thinking about our future outside this crummy old town we were brought up in, and I honestly cannot wait.
Margate that day was full of people dressed in 1930s fashion, wandering the streets in groups with their red lipstick and bowties and 30s hairstyles. I felt I had accidentally stumbled on a film set. Perhaps I had!
We had a little wander around the vintage clothes boutiques and art gallery/gift shops and stopped for milkshakes and cakes. This being after we scoffed ourselves full of cheese and bacon toasties (Sebastian) and fish finger sandwiches (me). The cake was unnecessary but we did it anyway.
After purchasing a postcard or two, a vintage printing tray and using all of our loose change in the arcades, we got so entirely soaked from the mega downpour of rain and miniature stormy winds that we rushed to the train station and hopped on the next train home.
Alix had been staying with us for a bit at the time and she was still out at her mother's so we cooked some hot food, got into our comfy clothes and thick jumpers and snuggled up to a film. It was actually a perfect end to a really lovely- then super soaked day.

Minus the rain and crazy matted hair I had really enjoyed showing Sebastian all the lovely things about Margate. I really look forward to starting our married life there, and then shortly after, bringing our little humans up beside the seaside. I had never imagined it until then. I cannot wait.
^^^ This was taken BEFORE all the rain... I feel this is a true reflection on our time together. Period.


Autumnal Adventures

Last weekend, the sun was shining and mother and I hopped in her car to Scotney Castle, in Lamberhurst to visit the Vintage Wedding Fayre.
It was a beautiful summery day and I imagined all the pretty flowers and hay bales for my Wedding with the sun shining brightly.
Mother and I met some lovely people, some that won me over with their flower arrangements and some that won me over with their flavour ice creams, and some that just had me at moustache temporary tattoos!
It was an inspiring day, I went home with some amazing ideas and bookings. I felt a little relieved, I have spent so long feeling a little lost and head fogged by all the stress and ideas.
So after all the new ideas swimming around my brain and feeling content, we stopped for some tea and an apricot & fig scone.
We then had a little wander around the beautiful grounds of Scotney Castle and my was I impressed.
It was in full Autumnal bloom. There were pockets of deep romantic hues that surrounded us on our little walk around the lake.
The castle is a little stunner too. It is slightly derelict but such a beauty inside and out... I could amble around those gardens staring up at that wonderful view all afternoon. I could sit amongst the flowers getting lost in a good book. I could stand and just look out the windows of the castle just taking all the lovely picturesque gardens in.

I do love to visit a National Trust house and pretend to be a grown up now and again. Living in Kent I am quite lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful places.
Tell me all about your adventures lately. What have you been up to? How have you spent your first few weeks of Autumn?