Joy Of Missing Out

So we have all heard of FOMO right?! The fear of missing out. I very much had this when I was at uni. I spent so many nights sewing away and greeting my housemates in the early hours of the morning after their night out and feeling so down I couldn't go out that I often ditched my uni work. I hated that they always had a fun event to go to our huge house party and I always had so much uni work to do.
Well, now I'm all partied out and have bills to pay I love missing out. Sorry girls, it's true- I am least likely going to say yes to a night of dancing and wine than I am to a night in at yours with cheese, mocktails and 90s music videos. (When can this happen again Amy?!).

I have teamed up with Ladbrokes Bingo to take part in their #JOMO challenge. That's right- 'JOY of missing out'. When I was asked to take part I couldn't think of a more apt challenge for me. I took my homebird butt to the stores and filled my basket up with delicious cakes, pretty biscuits, scones and clotted cream, tea and pink lemonade. I hosted a small 'coffee table tea party' and invited my mother and one of my sisters over for a wedding catch up and bridal shower meeting!
No tea party is complete without pretty tea cups and macarons... we nibbled on parisian biscuits and earl grey tea cupcakes, scones with jam and clotted cream, battenburg biscuits and numerous pots of tea. I did suggest a pyjama party but mother claimed she wouldn't be able to get dressed to drive back home so we decided against it on this occasion!
Whilst sipping our teas we discussed wedding day details (only 7 weeks away! Eek.) and potential seating plans. But more excitingly we discussed my bridal party in Paris next weekend.
My bridal party will be much of the same thing... why waste pennies on getting drunk, losing a shoe (& the memory of the whole night), flashing sashes and greasy early morning food- when you can gallivant around Paris, nibbling on macarons and Amorino floral ice creams, french pastries and stunning floral garden gazing instead?!
Gone are the days when we used to spend way too much money on alcohol that didn't stay in our system for too long, taxis home and a weekend in bed feeling ill and regretful. The morning after spent frantically searching yours and your friend's facebook profiles to see what photographs you had been tagged in or to remind yourself of what actually happened between the moment you left the club and the moment you woke up miraculously in your bed successfully wearing your pyjamas.
I cannot even imagine myself doing that ever again to be honest! Give me clean sheets, a new pair of pyjamas and fluffy socks, a film and some tea and biscuits and I am a very happy 28 year old little soul.
How many of you are a #JOMO kind of person rather than a FOMO?! Pyjamas over tight 'breathe in' disco dresses? Milk and cookies over vodka and chips? A whole weekend for happy adventure over a weekend of achy, room spinning bed time? Inexpensive DVDs and popcorn over an empty purse and a broken phone? Hmm... Oh the joys of missing out!


Motivational Monday #30

Happy Monday everyone, today I leave you in the capable hands of the Wonderful Roald Dahl. 
Be the boss of your own universe, dream big and let your smile always be giant.


"Time is an Illusion"

Lately I haven't had the motivation to blog. I haven't been very well and I haven't had much time on my hands to sit and type. The wedding is less than 9 weeks away and I have appointments after appointments and lots of Wedding related jobs that need to be done.
How is it nearly the 11th July?! How?!!

Anyway, between appointments and such it was this one's birthday last weekend. Sebastian had to work but we went for a pizza date in the evening which was perfect. 
I had woken up Saturday morning all prepared to make him a fancy three layer sponge cake but he requested peanut butter and chocolate cookies instead! He loved them.
Last week Sebastian and I had the day off for our last important wedding appointment and we travelled to Canterbury to do so.
It was warm and lovely. We spent the afternoon pottering around the cobbled streets, nibbling freshly made sausage rolls, browsing the shops and buying a selection of tea and cake for a special get together.
It is so lovely to spend quality time together. Lately it seems that Sebastian is busy working extra hours, editing Wedding videos and such. It felt good to have an afternoon out of the house and spend time with one another. Life is quite busy for us both at the minute. Wedding jobs, appointments- together and singularly and work/projects. It will be so perfect to get away together for a few days after the wedding.
The time is going too quickly enough without me wishing it away... forgive me.
I don't have too many adventures planned as it seems my social life is very much on hold until after July. However, my Bridal party in Paris is coming up at the end of May, a friend's leaving do and a brief visit to London for an appointment and tea with a certain special Canadian friend.
Not alot of plans... but a few very special ones.
I promise I won't become a stranger... I am planning some posts now whilst I watch Beauty and the Beast for the sixth time this year.
What have you lovely tea drinkers been up to lately?