"big girls don't cry"

the sun has run away, and i think it stole my smile!
perhaps that's why i'm feeling 'under the weather' today...because the sun is slowly fading each day and the wind is picking up even more. we don't need anymore rain! we don't!!!
we want plenty of ice cream fun and sandal wearing feet.
my choice of music really isn't helping this annoying mood i'm in either! not good.

arghh! boys!
i need to focus on my work badly, but i can't!!

Photobucket Photobucket

i should be like this!

maybe i should go watch 'mr magorium's wonder emporium'. i think i will!


  1. aww cheer up! go watch an episode of have I got news for you on youtube, it's bound to cheer you up :) actually, watch the one with Brian Blessed hosting, it's hilarious!

  2. your nail color is great!
    what's the brand?

  3. aww this post is adorable!
    cheer up and go see the movie - its great!

    Your blog is so great! I love everything – the posts, layout… great job!


*Forever Love*