Business? Business???

oh my goodness!! my day has been the craziest!
my lecture this morning was about going on to doing business in my third year!! fair enough to the ones who wanted to, that's fine..blah blah. but i mean what's with all the questions guys???
why did the tutor not just say 'hey guys who are not interested in even thinking about doing this course, then you are more than welcome to feel free to go, and have nice cups of tea and enjoy your lunch!' ????
no!!! we have to sit through all the boring questions!

seriously though.. if i wanted to do business.. i would have done it!

but then i came home and photoshop arrived at my door!! yay!

day was really weird.... but then i thought i'd make it better by being really silly!! as usual.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

i bought a pretty ballerina-esque skirt today to make me smile. it did.

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