if i were a princess...

if i were a princess, i'd be the princess and the pea!

what a comfy night's sleep i'd have! and something to snack on if i get hungry during the night.

what princess would you be?

maybe the coolest kid on tv! i used to love watch unfabulous on nickelodeon, but now i'm at uni, i can't watch endless amounts of it.... maybe i can watch lots during the summer period. i sure hope.

how lucky to be related to julia roberts. how pretty are the rest of them?


  1. Eh, princesses have more fun in fairy tales than in real life. I'd much rather be a female knight...tbough I suppose those never did exist. Maybe I would be a witch then--because they were also powerful.

  2. maybe we live in our own fairytales!
    i know i imagine so sometimes! life would be so much easier..and fun!
    but so very cool to be a female night!
    but even cooler i think to be a witch! like in the lion the witch and the wardrobe!! she is awesome.


*Forever Love*