sun one minute, rain the next

it was so beautifully sunny this morning!
we enjoyed ice lollies in the splendid t shirt weather.
then out comes the rain! it's so pants.

:( the boyfriend goes home tomorrow!! :(!
it's going to be so rubbish!!!
i should make the most of the sweets, ice cream and movie nights tonight!

i can't stop wearing my ballerina-esque skirt!! and i want to not be able to stop wearing more clothes!!! i wish i had money right now!! i want so much! it's so annoying. grr! i'll have to wait until i start working again in the summer... which is absolutely ages away!

i want this whole outfit from urban outfitters...

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  1. That skirt is adorable! I saw that UO outfit the other day - I want it too.. Great blog btw!


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