sunshine... but work must be done

although the loneliness of my room with the boyfriend gone, i got up and i did some work!
one big pat on the back for moi!
i actually made a toile of my final dress! and the pattern is pretty much correct so lucky for me i'll only need to do two toiles. woop!

(incase you're not aware of what a toile actually is, it's the mock-up of the final design... a few practise runs in cheap calico before you make the final garment... it can be stressful!)

anyway another full day of sewing tomorrow. i'm going to work very hard! like a good student... (cough)


the sun was shining through my window this morning! the sky was beautifully blue, which inspired me to wear a skirt and feel all summery again! thank you rain for staying away.
i also got a little bored and i was doodling like crazy earlier... i say bored, but i mean bored of doing my work. after i made a list for a trip to tesco i couldn't help myself, i started drawing on myself. i might have to draw this everyday! it's fun.

sunday will be full of sewing, and a bit more browsing on those sites that i've been making little wish lists for. (which is also making me sad that i can't afford! uni life is rubbish for my purse.)
oh and the obvious sunday morning tv... which i'm hoping i'll be working alongside watching.
happy weekend to all.


*Forever Love*