at the train station?

before we dropped the younger brother off to the train station, i managed to persuade him to play high school musical singstar one last time... i know, rather nerdy! but i'm a secret, huge, fan. plus my brother is really good, and i love singing those cheesy tunes.

slightly jealous that the brother is off to portugal for a week with his friend and family... rather sad also. the house is officially all mine... as the other brother and his girlfriend is down in devon staying with the sister. mum will be at work everyday and off exploring the night away no doubt. plenty of fantasy parties for myself and my cat to attend to, and dress up for ofcourse.

the boyfriend is finally home, and i was really upset and nervous to see him, as i didn't quite know how i felt. but he was being really nice and it made me feel even weirder. why couldn't he be like that before, when we were apart? anyway, we'll see how that one goes.


  1. Glad you had fun with family.
    Maybe your boy was being polite??? Hmm..They are an odd species, men...Hope things work out!


  2. Fun pictures. Good luck with the boy drama.

  3. Maybe he just missed you a tonne?
    Love the pictures, haha singstar is great. Cute outfit.

    care to swap links?

  4. sorry for some reason your blog link got posted rather than mine.
    mine is

  5. I must say I really enjoy your blog. so much so that I've tagged you! (details can be obtained on my blog) and I've also added you to my blogroll. so cheers m'dear!


  6. Soko :D I love the crocodile-song. And. I love your blog. so. yeah, hehe.

  7. I really adore your blog, especially the name and the design of it - but then:
    would you think about resizing the writing?
    my eyes are screaming with pain (yes, my eyes do have little mouths with little lips and theeth)!


*Forever Love*