au revoir

i've just finished packing... home really isn't that far away. it feels so weird that i'm leaving already.
anyway, i need to go home, i need to be with my mum.... my nan is in heaven with her husband. and her dog.

i drew this little man on my leg, he has a freckle for an eye. he's cool.

next time i blog, i will be at home....... have a lovely lovely day!


  1. Hi tea drinking English rose – this name is so amazing, you must be a very creative person! Thanks for your comment at my last entry, there are so many interesting things in it. Cutting my hair, because I’m so inspired by someone’s hairdo is something, I really do.

    Oh, now I've talked so much about your comment and nothing about your entry - I just wish you a good time at home. I'm feeling sorry because of you nan, so sorry.


*Forever Love*