back to square one?

posting early today! as the alarm went off reasonably early!
feeling rather organised!

do you ever feel that you try so hard and you make so much effort to get something right, and when it finally goes to the way that suits your needs, it crumbles right back to the beginning?

it's looking pretty clear to me recently that this theory keeps happening to me.
but why? am i not trying as hard as i assume i am?
or maybe i need to go about everything a different way. a more selfish way maybe?

anyway, i'm feeling very tomboyish today. sky is bright, but of a pale grey.
however, i am ready for the day!!!!

i'm making a cardigan today. although the organisation of today, i'm feeling rather blue, so i hope that the work won't suffer.


  1. Oooh, where did you get your shirt from? i have a soft spot for those shirts...

  2. love the plaid! and your hair is adorable!!


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