buzz buzz

i have been quite the busy busy bee... smelling all sorts of flowers, collecting pollen and making the honey.
i stayed an extra night at my sister's, it was lovely, and my little nephew loves to play raspberries with me. he's adorable.
then i went out with my friends and their friends last night, it was so good to go out and have some fun... and found some long-lost friends out also, which was lovely.
so i never did get around to having my individual dressing up party... i am definitely going to do it this week! the idea sounded perfect.

yesterday: pre drinks, and music... dancing around my completely messy room, whilst getting ready.

i decided that i wasn't really in the mood to go getting completely dressed up... so i whipped out my simple summerdress and tights and put on my favourite heels from h&m. i thought my hair was fine as it was, without straightening it. effortless? or obviously effortless i thought, but i didn't really mind either way.

i had a well-needed fun night, and i'm feeling quite good.


  1. I am quite envious of your hair, and your wine.

  2. i have just discovered your blog & i just love it!
    you really are so pretty & i adore your style.
    i think you are a new inspiration for me.

    i just started a blog, so this is all rather exciting!

  3. hi from Paris my english rose

    I am right now covering the Paris fashion week that began last week and still for few days,
    I try to forget nobody interested in fashion and style like you because I know that it could help you to find some inspiration for your coming styles.
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    have a great evening and keep on being stylish




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