drinking tea and eating strawberries

i have had a 'i don't careeeeeeee anymore' day! had a little dance in my room to some music, enjoyed my strawberries, had a few cups of tea, feeling good!!! without a care in the world!!
today i have been me! who has been hidying for a while! she has escaped to face her reality of happiness.
i smell popcorn..... but but we haven't even had dinner yet!!! oh i'm so hungry... i want popcorn really bad now. maybe i'll have some later when i watch one my dvds. hmm, great plan.


  1. I love those days.

    Ooh, popcorn! Now you got me craving for it.

    Your blog seems really nice, mind if I add you to my blog list?

  2. i like your pictures! nice so on a collage. x

  3. yes, trading seems great!

  4. oh, tough one. Well, I guess I'm a bit creative, but I don't blog too much about things I make, soo, I think perhaps fashion inspired is the most fitting one.

  5. Cute pictures. Such days are priceless! Damn, I want Strawberries now.

    Enjoy the popcorn ^o^

  6. Yaaaaaay for yoooooou! Glad to hear you're feeling much happier now :)

    Popcorn is soooooo good, had some on sunday. Mmm... sweetened popcorn..

  7. I've just scrolled through your blog and its really lovely and flowery and messy in a good way. THanks for the tag. I'm adding you to my link list..add me back?

  8. Mmmm...Tea and strawberries...What else can be more heavenly...Perhaps coffee and a fag :P


*Forever Love*