drinking vodka and eating cheese and onion crisps

feeling alot like this right now...

i know i told myself i'm done with feeling miserable!! but now i really really am! the boyfriend and i, as you know, have been quite, er... bad. and i thought we had ended it, but then he said we'll sort it, but then he went on holiday. we haven't seen eachother, we've rarely spoken, and i feel so strange. i've been feeling the way i should be feeling if we'd broken up forever, for good.
have we? should we?
he's making no effort, and i'm just the miserable one, waiting for him to ring. while he's getting drunk with his friends.
i'm stupid aren't i?!! oh my, i need to go out!!! have my fun!


  1. Definitely go out and have fun! Keep busy and forget about him, when he comes back and works to have you, then see how you feel!


*Forever Love*