feeling colourful...feeling blue

in a bid to changing my mood, i decided to slip into a more colourful approach on my outfit today. pink. a more girly feel also with hearts and floral.
i tried my very hardest, and it was working.

until the boyfriend problem increased further. i kind of took my take on the situation yesterday that it was over, yet today felt like it wasn't and we were still being silly. i'd rather we both say... let's not.
it'll be easier for me to cope that way.

anyway i felt good within myself today... and the outfit sure did help. plus i kind of blend in with my bed set... art music fashion and randomness will be proud.
my sister and co have gone back home now... no more super mario brother drawings (we made a book of coloured-in drawings in the end), no more games of frustration, no more hyper running around fun with the nephews.
until next time!

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