happy happy father's day father

my dad took my younger brother and i to the cute town of canterbury today. we had tea and cake... i had chocolate cake. i don't know why, but i'm a complete craver for cake of late! it's annoying! my mum keeps saying i'll turn into a cake soon.
no doubt i will. we then went to the beach at herne bay before we dropped the brother off at our cousins.
we had ice cream, mine was strawberry - my favourite.

i've just opened these which came from my huge easter egg that the boyfriend bought me... and i'm really truly naughty... i ate them all! they are literally actual size though, they were quite small. but hugely yummy.
i'm watching deal or no deal and it's kind of addictive. not quite sure why. but i do like it a fairly strange amount.
anyway, enough of that. hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend.


  1. Hey, so cool that you got quality time with your dad. My mom and dad live in another city, but happened to visit on Sunday. So I gave dad this nice watch for Father's Day.

  2. oh, cake, ice cream AND chocolates - you're making me hungry!!

  3. Mmmm...Starbucks and chocolate. Heavenly!

  4. Ahhh, I want chocolate now! The tights are a pastel-y aqua, but the lighting (from rain) made them look more bluish. I'm linking you.


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