a happy place

i've actually felt quite content being here at home. with my family. i have been spending loads of time with them which has been perfect. and it feels weird to say that i'm glad i've seen no one else but family.
i need to see the boyfriend, to 'sort' a few things. but even so, i feel i'm not in any real rush to, which is so strange. i think it just needs to be me at the moment. me and my family, sticking together after all that's happened.

on a completely different note... everytime i take a photograph of me that day, i feel it's a little too pose-ey. i don't want to appear vain or anything like that... i guess it's just me that day, and kinda what i'm wearing for that day... but then i guess my intention wasn't to make this a fashion based blog or even a style based one. just random thoughts, my inspirations, and me i guess.

please do tell me if you think that my photographs are a little too posed... oh and please take into account that i'm my own photographer, unfortunately, so they can't be that amazing!

this shirt from topshop makes me feel summery and smiley. i decided to wear it today to persuade the sun to stay out with us... unfortunately it didn't work.
it's raining as we speak! although it is 2'37 in the morning, so perhaps i should be dreaming sweetly right now not explaining the miserable weather.


  1. A little too posed??? Hardly!

  2. Nah, i like the posed/unposed look! It looks like kinda awkward poses, but in a good way! Natural shots are much better than the posed ones.

    Good luck with boyf stuff.. and i kinda know how you feel with the family stuff going on - as in 'kinda' i mean that your situation is very dif. from mine - but like you said, stick together with the family :)

  3. really cute :) you look swedish on the last pic :)


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