hello there little one

i was out in the garden playing with the little nephews and the flowers and here appears this little sweetie!
as i said in my tag, i used to collect ladybirds and keep them as pets.

i found another forgotten summer skirt today. it's quite hippy esque, below the knee, cream and navy stripes, with brown, green and purple stripes. and purple, yellow and pink stitching. it's so sweet. i love it.
unfortunately it wasn't so sunny, but still just as nice. we had mum's coconut home made ice cream today. and she'll make the apple sorbet tomorrow, which i cannot wait for.

my sister, mum and i had a good swoon over shayne ward videos on youtube a little while ago, which made us giggle and laugh. which was lovely as we were all getting teary about things with nan before hand.
so was a nice little balance.

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