home sweet home

home is nice. i feel so much better being here. loads of family are all here, and little nephews are running around being playful, so the mood is higher and brighter than thought it would be. thank goodness.
today has been lively and distracting. which is bliss. also mum made delicious scones, which we enjoyed with true devonshire clotted cream and strawberry jam. with lots of tea. my favourite.


  1. Ooh whats this? Polka dot bedcovers? Good taste indeed. I have some weird quilt looking prairie stitching covers and 101 dalmations. I think i may do a post on that soon lol.

    I wonder if Cath kidson are hiring, i could do with the money and discount... they ARE hiring too! Yay lol.

    Im gonna add you on my listy thing too, because you have cool bedcovers and iz safe innit blud, brap brap :D

  2. i l.o.v.e. your hair here :D that is an awesome fringe!oh and i like the tee as well ^_^


*Forever Love*