homeward bound

i'm definitely going home tomorrow now!
i'm half pleased, so i can see my nan and be with my mum.

but it's not going to be very enjoyable, it'll be sad.

i'm half sad because it's all of a sudden and i'm not prepared to go home. i want to be able to spend time with friends when the work has finished.

it's weird. also i have to come back soonish to pick up some of the important things that are here in my uni room.
and obviously to finish and hand in my work.
so very much back and forth unfortunately. everything is always so complicated!

looking dull and boyish...again! i'll try and wear something brighter tomorrow! i'm sure i will look more cheerful if i did!

yes! yes i will wear something colourful tomorrow!


  1. Mmmmm yes, the Pierces are grand I love "Make love with the lights on" such a cute song but kinda creepy when you realize two sisters are singing it.......

    (LA street style)

  2. aw i really love your bed cover!

  3. hi from Paris

    i just discovered your blog and as you look very cool i wanted to wish you a very nice evening

    street style romancer in Paris

  4. I always feel more cheerful when I dress more colorfully.


*Forever Love*