i wish i could get carrie-d away...

my love for sex and the city grows even bigger after watching the movie tonight at the cinema.
i went with my mum and my sister, which was perfect. we had such a giggle.
my beautiful friend from uni said when she came out from seeing it, she had happy bubbles, which i can normally relate to.

however, i feel that perhaps i didn't get these similar bubbles afterwards as the boy and i have to pretty much kiss and make up. but i've been putting it off for so long that i'm afraid to realise that maybe i've changed. maybe i actually don't agree with what i'm thinking it should be.

i wish i had love letters too. how romantic. why aren't the male kind as romantic as we want them to be? flowers and words and just the odd appreciation. us girls want to be loved let's face it... maybe we have to wait until we are at that marriage stage, which is a way off for me, but i'd like to feel that way a little now.


  1. I still havent watched this!!!! Im so tempted to read every spoiler i can get, but its so tempting! (wikipedia).

  2. I haven't had the chance to watch SATC, but yes, we women love some "loving". You don't need to be married to find true romance in your life. I found it in my boyfriend. I married him a few years later, though.

    Sigh! I see that you too are a sucker for old fashioned romance.


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