lazy daisy

i've had a complete lazy day today! and i loved it!
ok, i was supposed to meet the boy, but that went a bit pearshaped. oh well... maybe another day. maybe another week.
anyway, i had my shower and got straight back into my pjs and huge t shirt. it felt so good to be super lazy. so excuse the photographs of laziness! at least i did the hair, ish, and the make up!

maybe tomorrow will be something of a similar outcome. i should meet up with the boyfriend, but can i really face the facts?
i know i've been feeling weird. and i know why. but is it just because my emotions are all unbalanced because my nan? or have i changed. i guess i can't decide what anything is until all this has being alot less new.

hand-in date today, i hope my fellow fashion friends from uni did well and were not as stressed as i would be! and i'm jealous of their fun tonight.


  1. Face the boyf asap i'd say. Your nan thing will take time and please do stay strong - that sounds soo cheesy lol, i was in your situation years ago, but mine involved flying to Hong Kong for the funeral.. chinese funerals, embarrasing and weird.

    (ANYWAY :) BOOTS! Most still sell Polaroids, the one near me is selling the camera too! The prices are cam: £24.49/99 and film a stupid price.. £11.99-£21.49? but get them while you can!)

    Shorter comment next time. This is an essay!


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