the nottingham adventure

i went all the way to nottingham from little old kent today. but just to get some more bits from my uni room for the summer. i thought i was going to bring back loads! but i really didn't. which is strange for me. beings as i always bring back tons of stuff - that i'll never even touch.

i can't stop wearing huge t shirts with leggings... but can i really wear leggings as trousers?
i think i'll make a post about this predicament very soon.
i'm in the mood for loads of chocolate and wine... so i'm eating loads of chocolate and drinking loads of wine.


  1. I'm not really a leggings-as-trousers fan but I think if you look good in them and they're covering certain 'areas' then you should be fine :)

  2. Leggings as trousers are perfectly fine. As long as its some sort of long/baggy top.

    Aah, i wish i liked wine/beer/cider, its so much easier/cheaper to get hold of those than the usual alcopop kind.


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