beyond my control

now this post definitely looks vain, but i thought i'll show more than just my face today, and more of the outfit, still not quite sure i want a 'this is what i'm wearing' blog. but hey... another lazy day, of the boyfriends tee and leggings.
anyway, i also was having quite a weird day. you know like how you feel one thing one minute and completely strange and dazed the next.
well i thought i'd express that today... without the vainess, note.

felt very much like this today.... a little lost in my own thoughts. mixed up feelings of misery and lonliness. and a daze into bubbles of wonderous opportunities.

also felt rather like this too! complete lazybones! actually more like exhaustion! my little nephews are wearing me out. crazy loads! if it's not jack requesting tons and tons of drawings of mario, luigi and the gang so he can colour them in, it's tyler grabbing and pulling my arm to play with him at frustration.... just so he can cheat and win.
i'll miss it when it's gone, but i do need a moment of peace.

i need to see the boyfriend too before it's too late. too late to save. that is if it can be saved... oh what to do.

sorry for the misery! i'll perk up soon i promise!


  1. Hope everything works out!

    I like the nail polish you used, and that it matched the bangle.


*Forever Love*