old habits die hard

it's been a strange old day.
i've been listening to loads of old music that have been abandoned, left underneath my bed. i found this really cool mixed cd that an old friend had made me years ago, it had loads of old-school rock songs on. and that made me want to listen to rolling stones, pearl jam.
i listened to loads of those cds that were covered in thick dust. music from an old friend's band. and another friend's band. and meredith brookes. it was all such a random collection.

i was kind of coping with today's miserable weather and the screams and tears of the little nephews, then i spoke to the boyfriend... or is it just friend? i don't even know. do i even care? ofcourse i do, i must do. surely i wouldn't be wasting my time writing about him if i didn't!? i just want him to understand that things have been hard to cope with recently, with my nan and family tears. it's just so hard to talk to him.


  1. I hope things workout *hugs*

    Btw, you kinda look like Ashlee Simpson in your photos..

  2. Hey you, thanks for the sweet comment! I hope you're doing okay, tomorrow will be better!
    I'm glad to hear (and see) you and your family had a wonderful Father's Day. I missed out on chocolate cake with my parents, lucky girl!

    Thank you for taking the time to vote, you are the best, love!


  3. Hey, you sound low. Hope things will start looking up soon. Buy some flowers, light a candle or two and listen to that music you rediscovered. Randomness is a great mood-booster.

  4. You have really nice hair! ;)

  5. Thanks for the comment m'dear.
    I'm loving your blog <3

  6. hi~friend

    am I glad to see you!

    me still unable to express himself in English sorry...sorry >..<

  7. I know it's hard but sometimes it's really best to bite the bullet and get your feelings. I've learned from experience people misunderstand your actions and hurt a lot more the longer you wait. Hope you feel better soon luv :)

  8. I'm in love with your blog, it's really great and the photos are fun to look at! Would you like to do a link exchange with me?

  9. I love finding old music : ) you're very pretty!

  10. hey :)
    you do look a bit like Ashlee Simpson actually!
    just a random question but where do you get your leggings from?
    cuz ive been looking for some thick-ish black ones for agesss, but cant find any at a reasonable price.
    any suggestions?
    Thanks :)


*Forever Love*