the fox and the flower

sobbing slob by day, supportive sister by night.
i went to brighton yesterday afternoon to watch my younger brother in a play that evening. he was amazing! and the lead! i've seen him perform it before, but it was just as amazing the second time around!
it also gave me a chance to get out the house and dress up a little. finally!!

and i got to wear my sunglasses that i bought months ago, and my new bag. they finally felt loved.
the sunset last night on the drive home, was gorgeous! the clouds had silver linings, the sky full of pinks purples and blues, the sun a scorching orange ray.
a perfect end to my day.


  1. i want those sunglassesss!!!!!

  2. Lovely pictures. Especially that last one. Oh, and thos are awesome sunglasses.

  3. those sunglasses are amazing and im not usually a sunglasses girl!!

  4. OMG where are your sunglasses from?
    i desperately want them!


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