sweets for my sweets

today has been a weird one.
but considerably lazy, which i'm fond of! although i did pop down to the village shop to see if they wanted any assistance with work... my regular summer routine. (which they do. woo for me.)
but i did have to peel myself off the sofa and un-glue my eyes from the tv to do so.
hey! i may as well make the most of it now! and i should finish that work of mine! get that out the way at least.
until then.... alot of sweet eating, tv watching, and late night, lazy days to be had!

i seem to be wearing this top alot of late.... the colours remind me of the beautiful flowers that my mum keeps planting in my garden. also i'm pretty sure that it makes me feel better. as i said before, the day was rather strange, but at times i'd have a burst of WOOOO! perhaps this is why!
i'm going to wear it e v e r y d a y! ......ew, maybe now and again, through washes ofcourse!!!

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  1. I LOVE THOSE SWEETS! I really like the photos, especially the one where you put the sweets on your forehead! You're really pretty!


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