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i've been tagged for the very first time!
thanks to fatal attraction 2 fashion.

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1) What were you doing 10 years ago?
hmm... ten years ago... i was eleven, so i was at school, making up games in the playground with my other little friends, like squirrel people. and collecting ladybirds to be our pets.

2) What are 5 things on your to-do list today?
* eat jam on toast for breakfast
* draw pictures for my nephew jack to colour in
* wear another summer skirt that has been forgotten about
* watch one tree hill that i sky plus-ed
* write today's post for my blog

3) Snacks you enjoy
* pringles - i'm an addict! which is so bad! i love salt and vinegar flavour
* home made ice cream
* this one's weird...... but salt and vinegar crisps with chocolate.... at the same time. it's so good. you should try it! seriously you should

4) Places you have lived
i first lived in kennington off from the main town Ashford in quite a big house with a lovely peachy pink ballerina room.
then we moved to a little village called sellindge, about nine years ago, which is so cute. steam fayres, festivals, the farm shop. we are a little community.
i'm also currently living in Nottingham whilst i am at university. which is completely different to the countryside i'm used to. but is fun nevertheless.

5) Things you would do if you were a billionnaire
* i really don't know! i think i would have to agree with fatal attraction 2 fashion, i would buy my mum a house. a big house by the sea, backed on to another house that she will decorate and create her very own bed and breakfast.
* obviously i would buy all the things on my wish list. and more.
* i would also have a massive summer party and hire out a field for it. we will have bouncy castles and ice cream and jelly. a clown. and candyfloss caravans.
* i would take the boyfriend travelling and we'll go everywhere and do everything. i want to go to india.

6) People you want to know more about
i want to know more about everyone!!

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  1. great post rose! (hope it's ok if i call you that) I love Pringles as well, my favourite is sour cream and onion. and yeah, salt and vingegar with chocolate is weird lol but i'll probably give it a try sometime :)


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