i am running out of tea bags!! this is devastating, as i'm on a very very strict budget!
does this mean no more tea?

i'll find a way! like i'll find a way of buying those mint plimsolls at urban outfitters!

anyway....... i made a t-shirt! woo! another toile down, although it's not completely finished yet, and it's in this sickly pink jersey fabric! although i think i could get away with wearing it.
the pink looks more sickly in real life though, so maybe not.

i really should be doing more work, but i'm thinking a catch up on gossip girl and my dinner sounds like a better plan, plus i need an earlier night tonight as sleep was very late last night..... or should i say this morning.
this will mean i'll find it easier to get up in the morning and make most of my day tomorrow!

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  1. U go bonkers over tea.....
    wats dat..
    i know u r a serious Tea lover..
    beside thats i found out u soooo cute..
    u r like someone i wud luv 2 hug,
    I sometime wonder that hair on ur forehead doesn't frustrate u at all..
    see my blogs tooooooooooo
    well i have many......


*Forever Love*