that's music to my ears

it has been a beautiful day. we made sure it was full of fun in the garden.
we smelt the flowers, we played frustration, we had a barbeque dinner, we had ice cold wine... and we had the music festival that was going on in our teeny tiny village of sellindge!
we didn't need to spend £45 of music delight for our ears, when we could just sun ourselves and drink wine and listen and dance for free in our back garden! it was perfect.
i am quite surprised that our tiny village actually has it's own festival!!! but i'm not complaining! how fun!

i also helped in the garden. i planted some flowers! i'll show them tomorrow! or all the beauty of today may overpower you all!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Your flowers are beautiful.

  2. oh i want to listen to some music!! the garden looks lovely! summer fun!


  3. I think, you ARE allowed to wear leggings outside - it must be great for you. (The T from the last entry is your boyfriend's one, isn't it? Great! So great!)

    And it's nice to hear you're feeling better!


*Forever Love*