tuesday's delight

at the last minute i had to pop over to canterbury early tuesday morning.
i had ordered an outfit for my nan's funeral wednesday, as i had nothing suitable. i ordered it from asos, and the quality was not as good as i thought that it would be with the price i paid!
anyway, i went to canterbury with my mum and we bought a few too many goodies! she bought a lovely pair of burnt orange heels from topshop and a couple of bags. also a beautiful kate moss silk jacket for wednesday. it looked great on her petite frame.
i opted for a black dress, it was very sophisticated, and not quite like my usual wear.
i also bought a pair of pale pink skinny jeans and a pair of cute floral shorts. and the most adorable bag you may have ever seen.
all from topshop, ofcourse. i will post images later on.

on the way back home, we spotted the most prettiest field of poppies. it was perfectly colourful on this fairly miserable grey sky...(although it was fairly sunny and quite hot as i remember... strange.)

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