wednesday's child

wednesday was rather a hectic and a deeply emotional day.

i was a bit of a misery anyway, but least expected it to get any worse.

i have to re arrange work hand-in date because i have to go home...... :(! my nan is really very very poorly.

when you're feeling down, you think that nothing else can possibly go wrong, and you feel that you're suffering more than anything in the world.
but ofcourse you know that that is not the case, but you can't help but feel it.
it makes me feel worse when i think about the others that are suffering so badly everyhere else, like in china. it's awful.
but that feeling can't budge. and then it gets worse.

this was me yesterday, looking rather effortless... to join the mood


  1. Oh yay, the now imfamous Cath K bedcovers :D - i just looked on the website, £22 for an umbrella! Its VERY cute though, it has stars!!!! plus its clear..

    I have a Pirate tee too, but its just a plain black tee with 'Pirate' written on.. not as snazzy as yours.

  2. Oh man, i hope you're feeling happier and had a much better thursday. Ive got loads of work to do too and my nose is running like mad! things will get better soon, like your nan :)


*Forever Love*