what else

as i haven't blogged in ages, i have had alot to say, so apologies if you're bored by now...
though you'd all be impressed with my mum's baking...
perfectly yummy madelienes
and her speciality sausage rolls are unforgettable.

however, the wonderful rock cakes below them, are my creations! we always had them at nan's when we were younger.

my nephew and i were playing around with some of my mum's pegs earlier, he kept putting them on his cute little face and then made me do it, but it hurt loads, so i just put it in my messy hair... he found it funny, so i got away without hurting myself too much.

i've been miserable and busy lately, and i promise i'll perk up very very soon!!! and thank you to everyone who have been absolutely lovely and caring. you have made me smile so thank you very much! xox
i will get back to everyone and reply to their comments tomorrow.


  1. Hey, every girl can have those miserable days. You will soon snap out of it. Your nephew is so cute! And the two of you seem so close.

    Your mom is such an amazing cook. In my house, it's mostly me and my chicken dishes. I am not too good with desserts, though. Did a small stint at a barbecue shack as their guest chef. Amd looking forward to doing that again this year.

    You cheer up, girl. And take your own time doing so.

  2. oh my goshh, those cakes look goooood! haha i love rock cakes, i made them when i was little too :)

    and thanks for the tips on leggings, yayy for student discount :)

  3. the food looks soooo good. Ive been craving cheese on toast all day and now seeing food is making me *dribbles*

    i hope you feel better soon, eat some cheese. Cheese is good. It'll make you feel better. Unless you dont like cheese then you are crazy :) non-cheese eating legging wearer.

  4. Gasp!
    The pegs are shaped like spoons!
    This is sooooo cute.


*Forever Love*