being nice is a good thing

i've decided, i am what i am! and i am a nice person, yes, it's harsh when people walk all over you. but that's who i am! and if i feel sorry for someone, whoever they may be, i will defend them!
i'm feeling rather strange of late, and i want new clothes and want to decorate my room. maybe that'll make me feel better. new things, happier times ahead perhaps.


  1. I think nice people will continue to get walked on, but they do make the harsh people feel guilty and re-evaluate things as well! You don't always get to see the product of your goodness, but know that it's out there. ^_^
    I am also feeling restless. I think it may be boredom for me. Shopping allieviates boreddom...

  2. I love the blog. You have great style. And I love that you have so many cupcakes all the time, I want one :)

  3. ahhh i know what you mean. i always try to be nice, but it does hurt to be walked all over.
    i think you just have to think what goes around comes around, and they'll get theirs eventually ;-)

    what did the truffles taste like? they look amazing!

  4. your first photo is simply wonderful.
    nice people do get treated badly..but thats the way it is. at least you know in your heart you did everything you could to help or be kind. :D

  5. Oh I have that Muji pen too! It writes awesome!


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