forever in doubt

today i am not completely sure i have anything interesting to say.
staying at sister's was fun. little ralph was extremely cute some more. and i really wanted to take a photo of her super pink bathroom with the aubergine suite. but then i thought, she may think i were very strange, taking my camera to the bathroom! next time i will just have to. i need to share the superness of the bathroom with you!

today's post is insanely boring! tomorrow i will make up for it. i have work tomorrow and will indefinitely be doing uni work afterward. a sad time.
oh, and i bought something from american apparel last week.... which i don't really have any money to pay with, but oh well! only live once. and i don't feel so bad, as i thought it something appropriate for work. or is what i told my mum.
right now..... i'm drinking tea.


  1. Quiet days are nice. Everyone needs a break once in awhile.
    As for the yellow maxi, I just can't rock the length--it's too formal for me. I'm afraid I've already shortened it.

  2. I like the combination of the dress and the shoes on you very much!

  3. Hey, i am having a boring day today too, i have no idea what to do and i feel sleepy although i'm not tired, if that makes sense! Haha, i like your shoes and skirt.
    Great blog. I also love drinking tea!! It's so yummy.
    check out my blog,

  4. Thank you for your sweet compliments! Sure you can link me, I'll link you too ;-)! Cause I love your blog, it reminds me of my vacations in England, and they were great ! I really adore England, it feels like my second homeland!


*Forever Love*