i should attend hogwarts

today i resemble a wizard...
today was semi productive. i had a quick lunch of starbucks tea and blueberry cheesecake with the father. which was lovely.
when i got back to the cottage, i had a play in the garden with trixie-lui the cat.
and spent the afternoon making a 'wall chart - work plan' for my finish of the uni work. which went pretty well, although i have no time whatsoever to play and have dress up parties. all that is on the agenda for me is work and uni work, and pencilled time for the boyfriend, which is hardly at all.
a crazy few weeks ahead.

"hello there"

i start work tomorrow, not at my usual spot at the village shop, but in a tiny office where i will sit and just add information on the computer all day! it's going to be fairly boring i assume, but my aim is the money, which i have to add here, is very good indeed.
i just don't know what to wear, i don't think i bought anything smart-ish home with me from uni.


  1. Awh that's a cute kitty! These pictures remind me of Alice in Wonderland!

  2. cute shoes and adorable cat! <3333

  3. Such an adorable photo strip.

  4. I love these outfit!

    More specifically, the skirt, the shoes and your hair color heheh ;]

    I love your blog , I've read it in one time!

    Kisses form a French/Brazilian girl

  5. your kitty looks a lot like my kitty.

    so adorable.



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