i smell of roses and sequins, diamonds and fairydust?

i went on another adventure to the land of canterbury again today, but specifically for another wagamama, but only because my friend suz was in need of one. as a caring friend, how could i say no?!!! double yum. plus, i got to have dessert, white chocolate and chilli ginger cheesecake.
we then went back home to go to the cinema to watch, narnia: prince casbian. which was so good!

i really need my fringe cut... i can't even see when i wear it normally! plus i really need to re paint my awful looking chipped nails!

since i've been back from the cinema, i've done nothing but drink tea!! i know i love it, but so many cups today!
i really want to steal this cup from mother, i adore it, she has another one, more bluey! so sweet.

the title of this post, is a quote from my friend emma. she told me i smelt of roses and sequins. then added diamonds and fairy dust..... my natural scent she said. made me smile.


  1. aw, i love your hair so much! my bangs are getting long too, but not that long yet!

  2. adorable tea mug! :) and i like the way your friend described your natural scent.

  3. That cheesecake sounds amazing! And that's a very cool description for your scent!

  4. Aw, that is a very sweet mug, and I love your shiny hair ^___^

    I like the description of how you smell, how sweet.


*Forever Love*