just a little note, before a peaceful sleep

was such a long day at the office. i'm completely all tired out. infact, bed beckons me right now.
after work, we bought the overlocker machine..£300 odd out my bank now.. that i didn't have.
i also bought some pretty ribbon.
and hopefully won't spend anything tomorrow when i go to canterbury. or much. oh no, i'm naughty.
anyway, i do need new tights now, and leggings also. i now have two new holes in my leggings too. already stitched one up, and tried to stitch the other, which the thread came undone. oops.

after dinner, we had lemon cheesecake. which was so so creamy, and citrus-y. it was 'truly scrumptious'. as my friend m would say.


  1. Yummy dessert! I need sleep too, I am so glad tomorrow is Friday, work is kicking my butt!

  2. I just found your blog on Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams Find Me!
    It is so lovely.

  3. Your blog is scrumptious! i do love it. that ribbon is also pretty.
    I have now linked you, i hope you don't mined:)

  4. i love the first photo.
    hope the work is going well
    much love xx

  5. Oh hello little pretty! I'm sorry it has taken me forever to get back to you, thank you for the wonderful compliments on my cupcakes- vanilla blueberry is a must try.

    Well no matter how much not-fun you are having studying fashion design I still think it sounds fun. I would really like to do something of that sort but I need a sewing machine still...

    I want to see what you are making!


  6. I agree with Angela! I would love to see your work, I always need inspiration to get my butt back into sewing and playing with designs.

    Thank you for the ultra-sweet comment, I'm still VERY exited about the search! I couldn't believe the huge turn around it made for me, CRAZY!

    As for the winner, the top five go to NY in August (after the 1st)for test shots and the judging panel then the number one who receives the contract w/ Supreme is picked by a panel of judges!

    Pretty exciting stuff, eh?! I hope you're doing well! Have a good weekend, lovely...

  7. pretty ribbon!
    yummmm CHEESECAKE!

  8. Love your pics and pullover!

  9. Ohh, I adore lemon cheesecake.

    And is that Maoams I spy in the first picture? Damn, I am craving now!

    I'm going to link you on my blog, hope you don't mind! x

  10. your blurry pics are always so lovely


*Forever Love*