let them eat cake

free as a bird i feel. travelled to nottingham monday morning to hand all my work in. had lunch with a friend at her summer house at number 67a. it's such a lovely old house with the tiniest windows, and minature fireplaces in the bedrooms.
i then travelled on the train again, back home to kent. falling asleep, and sitting next to the sweetest little japanese girl clutching a giant book of great britain, whilst writing postcards. she had the most neatest handwriting. it looked so cute, with all the little symbols.
when i popped over to our university flat. i realised how much i miss my room. all pretty and big. i miss sitting at my desk staring at my snippets. my photographs stuck all over the wall. my full length mirror. although i do love my bedroom here at home, so unusual and odd shaped, with my glittered ceiling.
my mum and i have been discussing a re-decorate. as i need a new bed. wahoo! but that's another post!
i've been having all my fellow bloggers fair share of desserts this week and last. i thought i'd share what delights i've been feasting on. just to create a smile upon your hungry faces.
a knickerbocker glory, whilst out with the father, i've always wanted one of these, reminds me a paddington bear story i once had. eton mess, which is whipped up double cream, crushed strawberries, and crushed merangue folded together. the most perfect summer treat, so light and satisfying. (and i made it! - bonus.) a double chocolate eclair, which the mother surprised us with one evening. and some gummy worms, a gift.
the most amazing cupcakes around, a stawberry one, and the other a coconut with raspberries inside and on top. i bought for mother and i to enjoy with cups of tea.
escargot a la raisin, ie. a cinamon whirl with raisins, the perfect breakfast for when you're on the go. it had a sticky drizzle, which was truly delightful.
today, i went to work for a few hours this morning, then a friend picked me up and took us to the beach. it was gorgeous. i wanted to take photographs, but i ran out of battery... but i collected shells instead.
we had an awfully unhealthy lunch of tortilla chips and m'n'ms. and she surprised me with a lemon cupcake from starbucks. and some fantastically multi coloured pasta from italy.
however i got well and truly sunburnt, which hurts completely. my legs are sore sore sore.

anyway, i got home and mother made tea and i got out our cupcakes. we split the coconut&raspberry treat, and ate away, then decided we couldn't tackle the other, not tonight anyway.


  1. Love your classic and pretty style, it suits you so well. Have added you to my fave blogs and I LOVE The Pierces too. Boring and Kill! Kill! Kill! are my favourite tracks. Thanx. XXX

    p.s. By the way, since you're into all things sweet my sister has just set up her own cupcake business, check it out.

  2. Oh, and since I'm such a bloomin' scatterbrain, here's the link I meant to put in the last comment...

  3. I don't even like cupcakes to much, but it is only fair that I should eat them more often for breakfast. They do look delishes so you know.

  4. sweet sweets! I love looking at the sweets you try, I have to settle for looking as I can't eat all of them because of the wheat & gluten. I can, and have, made gluten-free cupcakes and other sweets which are just as good sometimes especially since I make them myself :)

    I hope you are putting aloe vera gel on your sunburn so it heals well.

  5. Bedcovers!!!

    Really nice pictures too.

  6. Oh the cupcakes are to cute, especially the pink one! Did you bake it yourself?

  7. i would love one of your cups of tea and that wonderful pink cupcake! yummy :)

  8. What a lovely dessert filled day!! Oh and i just love your bedroom its so girl and sweet...

  9. the food looks so amazingly delicious! and i love your room!

  10. I adore these pictures and Japanese writing! I spent a semester in Japan and learned hiragana (and a wee bit of kanji) and I love to write hiragana notes to myself just to remember the characters!

  11. All those treats look delish! Wow! A feast indeed!

  12. I just found your blog and love all things British, especially tea. Grandfather came from England last century. When you write I keep hearing Lola from Charlie and Lola, the British kiddies show that I watch with my grandson. His mum loves all things British as well having gone to school there for a few months. He has started talking like C&L! He got on a pink milk kick, but unfortunately it caused him to have tummy problems. :o) So he had to slow down. You write a lovely blog,and make the cutest clothes and make me hungrier every moment. Right now I'm eating pink and white animal crackers (cookies or biscuits). Yum Gramma Sueso


*Forever Love*