my blog played up yesterday, it wouldn't let me upload any images. therefore today's post is monday's post.
went on the train to canterbury to tag along with the boyfriend to get his final results from all his work. we went into the city centre and looked around the shops, i avoided topshop like the plague! i couldn't face all the things i wanted. after all that we then went to wagamama for a spot of lunch... yum.

and played in the garden in the afternoon with the cat...trixie-lui
i think we are starting to get things back on track now, which is such a relief. the boyfriend and i, not the cat.
the cat and i have an agreement! she loves me and she gets fed!
but seriously, i'm hoping it all gets better for good, but i feel like i've changed a little, like i've realised things.


  1. thanks for the lovely comment!

    I went to canterbury last summer and I may sound silly but I absolutely adore the place. I found the most magical garden in the world there.


  2. Things do sound as if they are back on track. trixie is so cute! Pets are great stress-busters, you know!

  3. I really like your blog, it's a great read! Would you like to exchange links?

  4. Oooh shiny shoes!!!!! Shiny stuff is always great.

  5. i love your shoes and your cat! would you care to exchange links?

  6. Thank you for the link, I've also added you to my blogroll! =)

  7. aww, your kitty looks like my kitty!

    so so so cute.


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