my favourite colour is not pink

my first day at work involved nothing but 'watch and learn'. and not even working again until monday! good news - seems pretty straight forward and the money i can't wait until.
bad news - still need to complete other work for uni, which i'm not in the mood for.
* but i ate the last cupcake when i got home and enjoyed it with some pink milk. was rather wonderful.
i must make more now they are all gone... oh such a shame.


  1. Mmhmm cupcakes. I like how you cup matched your wall & your top contrasted so well wit the wall. Lovely.

  2. Man everyone seems to be eating cupcakes! Oh the torture!!

  3. That is a really cute cup!
    You still have work for uni??!! But wouldnt you have finished at the end of the year.. oh i dont know.. im kinda looking forward to getting a summer project, im stil looking for a summer job.

  4. oooh pink milk!
    ive never tried it but i will now :)

  5. Mmmm...cupcakes. Send me one! ^_-
    And yay for work and money. I only work for the money...ugh.
    Anyway, my camera is a Canon Powershot SD 1000.

  6. That pink cupcakes looks yummy! Did you bake it yourself?

  7. everyone should make cupcakes! and we shall all enjoy them together... but not together... if that makes sense!

    even you danz.
    tinsley you should try it! nesquik all the way.
    anonymous...i did indeed.

  8. Love your cupcake, and great pictures.

  9. where did you get the pretty pink cup? its so lovely ;)


*Forever Love*