raspberry, plum and apple jam filled iced buns, with tea.

feeling a little girly today. i liked it.
i stayed home to do some uni work instead of earning money. which was much needed. i was putting the finishing touches on my dress toille before i brave the delicate chiffon and silk taffeta of my final dress.
taking a trip to town after work tomorrow to purchase an overlocking machine. so i can sew my jersey pieces together.
slowly getting there.
i hope everyone has had a lovely wednesday and felt girly too or have danced around their room in swirls and pretty pirouettes. if not, you should buy some pink iced buns. they're scrumptious.
i realised today that i completely wear my heart on my sleeve, or my cheeks, my face. and even my toes. is this a good thing? because now i'm not so sure, as i've been sitting on that rough patch of not-so-green grass with the boyfriend for a while. and now i feel like maybe i'm making a little too much fuss over it... over the fact it's not 'love'ly so much.
please note... this isn't a moan, because i've had a lovely day, and am very smilie. it's just a little query about wearing your heart for all to see.

hugs to all, for everyones lovely comments.


  1. i danced around my room (badly) earlier :D it was to the Stone Roses 'I wanna Be Adored', i miss having that song on my ipod.. very cool bow and heart.

  2. Hello hello lovely!
    Thank you for the suggestions, I am going to look at pictures online and do little bits of research about all of them.
    I love your cute girlie outfit, you pretty much deliver without fail stylewise- it makes me want girlier pieces.
    What are you studying at university?

    And I cannot wait to come have tea in the park with you!!!


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  4. your photos are always so cute.

  5. You are so adorable!! I love your little paper heart and your outfit :)

  6. Today I've transmored a liberty skirt in liberty dress with some lace ruban... So yes !! I'm feeling soooooooo girly :p

  7. The heart's really cute!


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