a room with a view

i'm just sitting at my super cluttered desk and found myself staring out my window, it's such a beautiful day, i should be outside reading a book, but need to do work, hence today's early post. which is what i'll be doing after i've finished this.
anyway, here's my view... lovely and sunny.
this was me before work this morning... highly alert considering the early-ness.
"hello mr edinburgh rock. be prepared to be eaten." ... and me after work. it was a long day, clearly.
everyone else had better be enjoying that sun! enjoy some for me! oh.. and a lemonade ice lolly please.
oh, and listening to mickey green who i've just discovered. she has a wonderful voice.


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  2. oooh! I love you little shorts, they look so comfy and purty! It must be lovely to live in the UK, hawaii is so boring at times!


  3. i love your top, i love frilly things but you don't make it look to girly. it looks great


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