tag tag tag, i'm it again...

5 things found in my bag
1. i pod

2. housekeys to my flat at uni
3. cool muji pen my friend anja got me, it has 5 coloured nibs and a pencil
4. strawberry cupcake shape lipbalm, another gift by anja
5. american issue of elle

5 things found in my wallet
1. student card
2. bus ticket
3. orange giraffe sequin and orange foam heart sequin
4. £3'13p
5. 'national treasure 2' ticket stub

5 favorite things in my room
1. my laptop
2. my unpacked suitcase with everything in it

3. my row of coloured nail varnish
4. the stack of photographs i recently developed that all need to be photo-albumed
5. fashion images i collected that are on my walls

5 things I want to do right now
1. have a cup of tea
2. travel to india
3. have my own apartment, small i don't mind, with a shop below that i own.
4. look into fashion forecasting and fashion research based jobs for after completion of my course

5. make my mum a big cake with real cherries and chocolate

5 things I'm currently into
1. blogging, i think i'm obsessed. i get so inspired by some of the cute and fancy blogs, images etc.

2. the summery sound of lykke li
3. alexa chung and mary-kate olsen... i love.
4. watching gossip girl and big brother (annoyingly addictive)

5. strawberry picking with my friend suz, and eating them with sugar

5 impressions of cute rags and scribbles who tagged me
1. she is cool, her name a give away, her profile picture a fact

2. she has such a cute hair cut that i want, but too scared to do
3. she has the most amazing collection of inspirational fashion images
4. i love her way of thinking, ambling the streets alone, and loving it

5. likes tea, like me.... she has instant amazingness

i'm going to tag tag tag the awesome.... crash division, ballad of john, and starbucks and jane austin


  1. I had so much fun reading this, thank you very much! :D

  2. Fun! thanks lovely! Next time I am in the lovely UK (which may be sooner rather than later....) I will have to come drink tea with you.



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