tag tag tag tag, i'm it

i got tagged again, this time by fashion queen artsy teen

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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My 6 Unspectacular Quirks
1. everything has to be in odd numbers... when i doodle, things i have in my room that are the same, they have to be in threes or more.
2. i'm an annoying perfectionist, when i do things, everything has to be perfectly done, when i ice a cake, it has to be just right. when i write an envelope, it has to be perfect looking..... or i have to start it all again.
3. i say 'cool beans' a little too much!
4. i talk to my cat all the time, and she just looks at me as if to say...'freak!'
5. i actually cringe over other peoples crumbs, i hate it when they leave their crumbs at the table. it freaks me out.
6. i always correct my friend's spellings.

i'm not sure who to tag, i'll fill this in, later.


  1. Good quirks. Crumbs make me frustrated too--I can't stand the messy roommates college has brought my way! I mean, I love these girls, but please, why the mess???
    And yes, I love MK but she's made her mistakes and last week bashing Spencer from the Hills? I mean, he is so beneath her she shouldn't even know he exists, but to talk about him like that (and yes, I hate him too), so unnecessary...

  2. Spelling!!! Yes, good punctuation is always something to look for, although I do write 'i' instead of 'I' on my blog but its just quicker that way. It annoys me when people say 'Bansky' instead of 'Banksy', its not much but its like 'that's not what he's called!!!!'
    I have the even number version, I think it's an OCD thing...

  3. lol, i'm the opposite of the first one. even numbers all the way.

  4. Funny quirks! I'm not a perfectionist. More like... I don't know. But some things just 'has' to be a certain way. Sometimes.


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