there's a hole in my tights dear liza

i'm not supposed to be here right now, but something bad has happened! apart from the obvious and usual boy trouble................. i have a hole in my tights!!!!!! this is such a disaster! i've had these tights for absolutely ages. and wish not to part with them!
plus, i have no other black tights, and they are my life essentials right now! we've been through alot.
look.... you can see my coral painted toe.
"look trixie-lui! look! a hole! what do i do?"
"snif snif."
but then, mum came home, and magically appear some cherries in her shopping bag. i was slightly happier. at least the tights are still wearable right now. work i was thinking of. so, still in a presentable state.


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  2. Cherries are always good, the perfect summer fruit! Sorry about the tights though!
    I think i spent ten minutes looking at the picture of your desk, it looks so pretty!

    Exchange links?

  3. Oh dear! My tights unfortunately, almost always have holes...shh...don't tell!
    Oh and our vintage shops are quite messy and poorly organized as well, but they make it look nice, so it's a good messy. Though I have had things fall on me!

  4. I always poke holes in my last pair of black tights. I've started stocking up from work [tesco], they are quite cheap and really last!

  5. the cherries look wonderful! sorry about your tights!!

  6. don't worry sweetie !! You will find another tights ;] I'm sure of it!

    I've prepared a mango muffin specially for you ;]


  7. that's so sad about your tights! :( by the way, i tagged you, so go to my blog (jane's corner) for more info. :)

  8. You are much much better than me if it has taken you this long to get a hole in your tights! It takes me an average of 3 days of owning them to fully rip mine.


    p.s. I am moving to england or scotland next year, but have not decided where exactly I want to plant myself. Any suggestions (other than London)?

  9. hello there! i tagged you for an award on my blog, just wanted to let you know! those cherries look scrumptious btw.

  10. your blog is adorable, i love that your cat is in some of the photos!
    and tea is always very tasty of course! a bit sad about those tights though xo

  11. my favourite tights tore not long ago, as i was packing my suitcases into the car for a weekend road trip, i tripped & fell on the sidewalk...

    they were my favourites, so i feel your pain. they are a hard thing to give up. i practically live in mine.


  12. I Buy Brand new 120 denier or 90 denier Black tights then rip holes in them on purpose.

  13. starting a "save our Tights" campaign put an end to people deliberatly ripping and destroying Black Tights,,before they become extinct..please feel free to sign>>>


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