alone never felt so lonely

i'm in need of some pure romance. some love. some of this... i really miss A, i miss him holding my hand, hugging me tightly so much so that the bad things are forgotten. i think i am well and truly heartbroken. and my eyes are sealed with tears and clumped mascara.
i don't understand.

(ps... i can't remember where i got the cupcake and heart balloon photos from... so, i'm sorry for not giving you credit. sorry.)


  1. i'm so sorry. :'(

  2. Oh, feel better soon. Things will get better and I hope true romance is around the corner.

  3. Thanks for those pictures. i was needing to see a little romance myself. I'm about to move and i'm going to do my living room in a romance theme just to surround myself with it. I hope you feel better soon, I'm missing someone too. It sucks.

  4. Hope you feel better! I sort of feel like that too.

  5. Your blog is just so touching! I'll definitely come everyday to read some more!

  6. awwww, i hope you feel better. D: i really wish there was some romance in my life.

  7. BABY!! I am so sorry to hear that you are so sad =(

    I am feeling rather lonely myself, and I am wishing for romance too...I wish I could come visit you and we could mope together and make lovely things to cheer us together.

    I send kisses and hugs my darling and I hope things get better.


  8. Ahh. What's up ? Where did he go ?
    I just discovered your blog today, i love this post. Th pictures are great.
    I hope you feel better, even though i have no clue what the story is :S


*Forever Love*