too tired to wonder

i was fairly annoyed that i couldn't visit yesterday.
my sister who is staying with us again, has been working with us, mother and i, well at the same time, (all doing different things) and she was asked to work the night shift last night, and she begged me to join her... eventhough i had already worked 5 hours that day, the thought of 8 hours was daunting. but knowing it was paid 'time and a half' i jumped! so i've completely wasted my day being asleep. dreaming of fairytales.
those feelings i had have been away from me today, being completely busy helped so much.
although some things are made worse when you interrupt the silence. sometimes it does help to be strong and leave things be. i will next time.


  1. I live about an hour from Tenby, just outside Carmarthen. I've never been to Conwy, I'd like to go one day though, because I hear it's very pretty. I love the blythe doll.

  2. Your blog's so sweet, I'm a fan of these pictures and of the way you express your feelings!

  3. This week, maybe except Monday, has been full, so I haven't had much time to visit other's blogs and stuff, only late at night, like now. It's a bit annoying.

  4. glad to hear you are working hard and having fun.
    beautiful photos!

  5. I love these two pictures. The make up in the top one is really inspiring.

  6. oh! how nice Blythe doll, so sweet!!
    -love your blog <3

  7. Just catching up and saying hello x


*Forever Love*