my horse and carriage that will never disappear at midnight

a lovely week for...
ice creams at the beach
family get togethers
tea and blueberry muffins
pomegranate seeds
cheese and jam sandwiches
adventures to nottingham
catching up with a far away friend
late birthday presents
cinnamon whirls i unwrapped the box oh so carefully and look what appeared. my cinderella-pumpkin horse and carriage. a late birthday gift from my grandparents. i adore it so much. it grows bigger at night and takes me to the ball. i can't stay out for too long though, it'll shrink as the clock strikes midnight.
here is what i found in my tiny dusky pink bag... a magical mirror. my grandmamma purse. a cupcake lip balm. a heart shaped lolly. my clarice badge. spearmint polos. what is in your pretty bags?
i'm going on another adventure now. but this time, not in my magic cinderella-pumpkin horse and carriage, but on a fast train.
i'm going to paris for a week with my friends. we'll explore, but we'll mostly be attending paris fashion week. and eating pastries for breakfast.
i promise a camera full of parisien photographs. fashion. and cake.
goodbye hugs from me until friday, when it's the youngest brother's birthday.
i'm off to pack.


  1. It sounds like you're gonna have a fun week. Enjoy:)

  2. aw thankyou. yes, i think most of the kate nash album is based on a break up.
    biscuits are in order, i may have to make rice pudding too.

    that vido is cute, i love this one
    its nice to sing too!

    argh i just remembered i left him voicemail, well done.

    That necklace is the best! you have so many pretty things.

    have lots and lots of fun in paris, im sure it will be amazing!

  3. i loooove loooove loooove your ring

  4. And ofcourse have fun in Paris!

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun!
    Your whimsical personality is so cute, you are becoming a favorite blogger of mine!

    Oh, and yeah, I agree that the large font pulls away from the "cute" theme, and yes, it is much better now, thank you!

    Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog too, I am not sure if I told you this already, but I am linking you, and it would be nice if you linked me back (only if you like my blog of course!)


  6. i am incredibly jealous! You might even get a bit of sunshine while you're there. And fashion week...ahh you lucky thing!

  7. Busted was amazing:)
    The song's If You Run by You Me At Six, an English band from your lovely country.

    Hope to see some pretty pictures from your Paris trip in a week's time!

  8. thanks for the comment!
    Your blog is beautiful i put you in
    my list with links.

  9. I really do love your blog! have fun in Paris!!

  10. Lovely necklace, and I like the pomegranate seeds picture.

  11. Oh i love the tiny bag and the necklace is amazing as well. Hope you have the most amazing time in paris - cant wait for the pictures!

    Sophie Jade

  12. You lucky lucky girl. That sounds like a magnificent week. I can't wait to see photos.

    Kisses and cupcakes!


  13. Gahhh all of these pictures are divine.
    Your hair and your necklace are very stunning!

  14. PS: Paris?!!!!
    la jalousie.

  15. That necklace is gorgeous. Have fun in Paris

  16. You always have such pretty photos. I am in love with the necklace - I'm so jealous! - and your flower ring.

  17. I love your outfit! The ring and nailpolish looks really good! I'm getting ome nailpolish like that.


  18. i've never been to your blog, but i was leaving a comment on another blog when i saw you blog's name.
    i found it so lovely i had to come and check it out!
    congrats, it is lovely and sweet. i dont remember seeing such a lovely blog in ages :)
    continue the good work :)

  19. Oh that sounds like such a great and sweet week! I want some sunshine and sweet things too... maybe i have to create them for myself. ;)

    Love all of your pictures and your posts!

    Bye, love.

  20. That necklace is beyond amazing! I've never seen anything like it. So so so cute.

    Hope you accomplish everything on your to do list, darling!


  21. You are so pretty and everything in each of your posts is so fairy tale and PERFECT. Keep up the amazing blogging. :)

    I make inspiration!

  22. I need that necklace! Where is it from? Thanks =]

    Your blog is adorable, and so are you!

  23. I love your dress and this necklace!!!

  24. The necklace is so pretty! I want a hello kitty mirror too!

  25. that necklace is GORGEOUS!! i'm so jealous!

  26. your blog makes me smile and want to go play dress up. just before discovering it i had painted my nails pink; what a funny coincidence.
    i positively LOVE your necklace. envy! it reminds me of toddler days when i insisted i was cinderella.

    love, cait

  27. aah your necklace and little rose ring are lovely. & also your cute stuff , very adorable <3

  28. Wow that's so exciting I love Paris. Hope you have a good trip :) Can't wait to see all of the photos, have fun!

  29. that necklace is so cool and interesting and i like your new header!

  30. wow that new necklace is just beautiful!
    and I love the photographs in this post, they're so pretty!

  31. You write so adorably!
    A gorgeous necklace. Oh, and also the first photo made me crave for a cinnamon whirl. good luck in Paris, can't wait to see the pictures!

  32. I saw your new header and thought it was the most amazing thing ever.

    Then that necklace pranced along. OMG. I am jealous.

  33. c'est vraiment mimi

  34. where did you get your ring. I asbsolutely LOVE it. I love the blog too.

  35. thank you lots! how adorable you all are! you all really are something of a magical world.

    the ring is from accessorize.
    the necklace is from tatty devine.

    special smiles i have right now, for you all! thank you.

  36. I've just discovered your blog (whilst I should be paying attention to the lecture I'm currently in) and absolutely love it...looks like a photo of Dover beach amongst this collection of pretties, am I right? I'm in the garden of England too xxx


*Forever Love*