pirate chocolate

monday. monday. poor little monday.
they get such a reputation for being the worst day. today it felt just that. i stayed home in my warm pyjamas all day. i had a sore head and tummy.
but it was so cold again. i stayed in my room and ate soft sugary nougat until it felt like my teeth would fall out.
another day spent with pig and little trixie-lu. her glittery blue collar dings-a-long as she skips past.
i've been sticking and glue-ing and writing all day. and making birthday cards. and eating also pieces of fudge ice and slices of apple. i hope to sleep soon and dream of white ponies and wooden shoes. with purple rain. orange flowers.


  1. Aw are you still together then? It was really hard, but then I saw him this weekend and we were like a couple again, confusion!

    Hope you're feeling better, and that plate of goodies looks yum, especially with the added sequins.

  2. That looks so yummy.. i hope you are feeling better and the cold has gone away for you - but you look so cute anyway!

  3. I hope you feel better. your photos are great

  4. Hope you're feeling better now. Sometimes you need days like that to relax. That nougat looks lovely, enough to make a bad day better.

  5. oh so nice photographies! i really like it! i'm just discovering your blog!


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