ponies tail and conker fruit

i had the cottage to myself this evening. caught up on all my programmes. painted my nails snowman white. and snuggled with trixie-lu.
today i found:
a conker in the middle of the car park. all on it's own.
some sweet old badges in a tin. i adore the deer. so lovely.
heart. star. flower. paper punchers.
my old pillowcase that i've loved forever.
an adorable picture of a wall covered in flowers. i want to make some paper/fabric flowers and stick them on my wall. i can't wait until we decorate it.
you are all lovely. i hope you all had a lovely day to match your hearts.


  1. you're so adorable... the paper flowers on the wall looks very lovely

  2. I can't believe the things you find on here :) so many different ideas and inspirations xx

  3. gosh. Lovely. It seems like your life is so dainty.

  4. oh i love the badge with Alice in wonderland! and the flowers on the!s very beautiful and poetic!

  5. Ohh I want to go hunting for conkers so badly.
    I did see a few the other day =)

  6. Ah white is a color I have never painted on my nails before! I should try it soon. Love your wall :)

  7. I have seen lots of conkers lately! I love autumn it's beautiful :) Those badges are adorable, I love your blog!

  8. AGH I've missed you so much! I love the wallflowers in the last photo, and think you should certainly make some of your own. I am going to make some sweets now because of you. I think you are bad for my health, I always want to eat sugary pink things after I check your blog...

    I hope you are well dear!


  9. I love your alice in wonderland pin and flowers on the wall

  10. Awww, your posts are so beautiful. I have a big smile on my face right now :)

  11. What a nice evening. I like the badges x

  12. beautiful badges, i love it when you find little things that end up bringing you so much joy.
    you must must make these flowers for your new room!! :)

  13. Aawh thank you for the most sweet message!
    I'm very very sorry, but I really think my time has come.

    I'm very happy with my decision now.
    I will keep reading your blog!

    And because you have been such a wonderful, fabulous reader, I have a little present for you.
    You can find it here:

    Thanks again,

  14. I'm so sorry the link doesn't work!
    This link will work:

  15. Gorgeous post, as always!

    Your new header is beyond beautiful...i can keep staring at it for like an hour... <3

    Hope you are fine, dear!


  16. i love your blog, it is so pretty!
    and the flowers on the wall, are just adorable.

    um one suggestion though, it is a bit hard to read the text in your post because of the small font, and the light color, and i really want to know what you are saying so, it would be nice if you darkened it, or made it larger.

    come visit my blog sometime. i am in the process of linking you.

  17. ohh! i just discovered your lovely
    blog! it's sooo pretty! i'm going to
    read it all right now.

  18. Those badges are so sweet!
    Its off, and hes texted me once since hes been at uni! Silly me last night I drunkenly tried phoning him at 3am. I was meant to be playing it cool. And yes these boys are getting too much of out attention, we must stop!


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