rain rain all in my shoes. all down my back

as i sat on the bus home i watched the tiny water droplets fall into one another and glide diagonally down the window. the many droplets looked like they were little rain people racing eachother.
i wonder what they were racing for. chocolate cake. the golden trophy. a warm cup of tea perhaps.
i ran from the bus stop all the way home with a scarf wrapped over my head.
as soon as i got in, i made a cup of tea to warm up my insides.
my jeans stuck to me like glue. my feet damp with the puddles i ran through. nose cold and pink. i made some jam sandwiches. with nuts and biscuits. finished making my older brother's girlfriend's birthday card an envelope. watched a film snuggled under the covers. with pig.
the movie made me sad. i don't think i liked it very much. but purely because it was sad.

my hair looks orange here. like a ginger biscuit. like little children have coloured my hair with orange felt tips.

oh my goodness. my mother is the best. she bought me the sex and the city movie. to cheer me up. i love you mamma!


  1. cutest plate and love the pictures they are also cute and look like something from a romance movie or seomthing. Those sandwiches look great too haha im so hungry!

  2. I was like that at the weekend, watching the notebook which I don't normally get that sad in, cried soooo much! Probably because of the depressing relationship situation! Your hair does look orange, but a pretty orange. Oh and lucky you for the sex and the city movie! I need to see it again.
    We are tending to have little relationship essays here, I'm being distant with my boy, its working sort of.

  3. Yes, the rain on the windows does always seem like they are racing each other. I always thought it was to escape into the earth.

  4. you always give things such an amazingly youthful charm. These look amazing!

    Hope you are well, darling.

  5. akkkkk! I love that little oink oink plate! it's marvelous!! Oooh, I would love to live in England!! Kukui bead are those necklaces that all the Hawaiians
    use while doing hula!! this post is lovely!!


  6. nice photo! your lunch seem so good!!
    your blog is the sun against the rain (yes in paris too!)

  7. A cuppa is the best thing to have when it's cold and raining :) Love your oink oink plate. cute!

  8. Oh i hate those days that are spent trapsing through puddles, though they are good for staying in watching lovely films and drinking tea.

    The card you made looks very sweet btw


  9. Looks like it was an OK weekend for being sad. Lovely things happened. I remember my Mum took me to watch Titanic when my kitten died. Don't know if that was a good call, looking back now.

  10. I love your pictures!
    That lunch has made me hungry!

    The sex and the city movie is great, I've watched it 5 times already! I just can't get enough!


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